Lost and Found

To get something on the Lost and Found list – email or call 281-1140.

LOST 3/24/2021:
iPhone was lost Wednesday the 24th of March 2021. The last ping was in the Woods addition. Not sure where it was lost but was not in that addition hoping someone found it please call 2182753146 if found it is locked so not able to use it without code. 

LOST 3/24/2021:
Two car remotes on a key chain from Valley Imports, lost on 3/24/21 in the Maple Lake area. If found please call 507-213-4756

FOUND 3/14/2021:
A key fob for a Dodge or Chrysler was found in a mailbox and can be claimed at the Crookston Police Department during regular office hours.

FOUND 1/29/2021:
A keyring with three keys on it was found on South Broadway near the old Novel Cup location. If yours, please call or stop by the KROX Studios to describe.

FOUND 1/25/2021:
A set of two keys on a silver key ring were found at the KROX Studios. If these sound like yours, you can claim by describing what kind of keys they are and can be picked up at the KROX Studios.

FOUND 1/6/2021:
A pair of sunglasses was found in the street by the Longtin Agency and Edward Jones Dustin Buse office in downtown Crookston. If these are yours, call 686-4260.

FOUND 1/5/2021:
A female tabby cat with some white was found in the south part of Crookston. If this sounds like your cat, please call 218-280-8904

LOST 12/31/2020:
One key on a key ring; lost somewhere between Golf Terrace Drive and downtown Crookston.  If found, please call or text message (218)-280-6703. 

LOST 12/4/2020
Diamond willow handmade walking sticks and canes that were sold wrongly and accidentally at a garage sale on South Main over Labor Day weekend this year. These were family heirlooms and canes made 15 years ago. There are 10-15 of them. 218-289-5142, or notify any Tuseth family member.

FOUND – 11/25/2020
A dog showed up on our back steps in the Woods Addition. It’s a female black lab, she seems to be 1-2 years old. Has a collar but no tag. Call 218-277-0065

LOST 11/16/20
18-inch culvert trap 1 mile south of Crookston. 218 280 1170

LOST 11/13/20

Plantronics Blue Tooth headset lost at Walmart either in the store or in the parking lot.  Please call 218-289-0567 if found.

LOST – 11/06/2020
Tabby cat missing in Mentor. Big cat. Black in color with white stripes. Has a collar with a tag. Call 218-289-3180.

FOUND – 11/06/2020
Orange long hair cat. Found by Humane Society. Call 218-289-2922

LOST – 11/05/20
Brown appointment book for 2019. Culinex written across the front. If found, please call after 5 pm – 218-281-2520. Reward being offered. 

FOUND – 11/03/2020
Found, a black lab in downtown Crookston. If this sounds like your dog, call 712-310-0638. 

LOST – 11/02/20
A large dog on the north end of Crookston. Silver/gray coat with a black face and silver chain collar. Very friendly. FOUND

FOUND – 11/02/20
A 4 to 6-month-old kitten, male, found south of Crookston about 3 miles very friendly. Call 218 280 4175

LOST – 10/29/20
Male and female chocolate labs.  Both with orange collars in the Climax area.  Missing since October 27.  Call 218-289-0082.

FOUND – 10/28/20
A female calico kitten was found on Lincoln Avenue in Crookston. If this is your cat, you can call 281-1281.

LOST – 10/10/2020
A Callaway Xr 8 iron between the golf course and 411 Golf Terrace. If found, please call 218-281-6677.

FOUND – 10/8/2020
TracFone found on Main Street in the middle lane by Thrifty White in Crookston. Call 218-281-2697 

LOST – 9/26/2020
Medium-sized drone.  Black in color.  Can describe it if found.  It was lost on Friday, 9/25 while my son was flying it in the Carmen edition. It was lost flying east by the farm fields by Carmen Estates.  If found please call 218-289-0374.  

LOST – 9/7/20
Tabby Cat Missing Near Broadway Apts: Large adult male tabby cat went missing September 1st (Tuesday Night) near Broadway Apts. He’s very friendly & his name is “Little Kitty”. He might answer you if you call his name. Also, he has slightly stubby ears and a slightly stubby tail with white-ish hair under his nose & chin. Please text or call 218 277-0321.

Found 9/6/20
A wallet. Contact the Crookston Police Department: 218-281-3111.

LOST 9/4/20
Crookston Hockey sweatshirt lost at the CHS Tennis Courts Thursday afternoon. The sweatshirt is navy blue with the #8 on it and says “MARTIN” on the back. Please call or text 218-280-8936.

LOST 9/2/20
Lost a gray cat. Usually hangs out around Summit Ave in Crookston. Has black stripes on tail and somewhat white paws. Please call 218-280-4203.

FOUND 8/10/20
A cellphone found at Christian Brothers Ford in Crookston.

LOST 8/7/20
Magnetic “Little Miss Crookston” sign that fell off a vehicle sometime during the Royalty Cruise on 8/6/2020. If found, please call 218-521-05644

LOST 7/31/20
Black leather wallet lost somewhere between M&H and North Main in Crookston. If you have it or find it, call 701-335-3227.

FOUND 7/17/20
Samsung cellphone found on Robert St. If it’s yours, call 218-281-1281.

LOST 7/15/20
GMC key fab in Bremer parking lot.  If found please contact 218-289-3657.