Lost and Found

To get something on the Lost and Found list – email or call 281-1140.

Found 1/6/2021:
A pair of sunglasses was found in the street by the Longtin Agency and Edward Jones Dustin Buse office in downtown Crookston. If these are yours, call 686-4260.

FOUND 1/5/2021:
A female tabby cat with some white was found in the south part of Crookston. If this sounds like your cat, please call 218-280-8904

LOST 12/31/2020:
One key on a key ring; lost somewhere between Golf Terrace Drive and downtown Crookston.  If found, please call or text message (218)-280-6703. 

LOST 12/4/2020
Diamond willow handmade walking sticks and canes that were sold wrongly and accidentally at a garage sale on South Main over Labor Day weekend this year. These were family heirlooms and canes made 15 years ago. There are 10-15 of them. 218-289-5142, or notify any Tuseth family member.

FOUND – 11/25/2020
A dog showed up on our back steps in the Woods Addition. It’s a female black lab, she seems to be 1-2 years old. Has a collar but no tag. Call 218-277-0065

LOST 11/16/20
18-inch culvert trap 1 mile south of Crookston. 218 280 1170

LOST 11/13/20

Plantronics Blue Tooth headset lost at Walmart either in the store or in the parking lot.  Please call 218-289-0567 if found.

LOST – 11/06/2020
Tabby cat missing in Mentor. Big cat. Black in color with white stripes. Has a collar with a tag. Call 218-289-3180.

FOUND – 11/06/2020
Orange long hair cat. Found by Humane Society. Call 218-289-2922

LOST – 11/05/20
Brown appointment book for 2019. Culinex written across the front. If found, please call after 5 pm – 218-281-2520. Reward being offered. 

FOUND – 11/03/2020
Found, a black lab in downtown Crookston. If this sounds like your dog, call 712-310-0638. 

LOST – 11/02/20
A large dog on the north end of Crookston. Silver/gray coat with a black face and silver chain collar. Very friendly. FOUND

FOUND – 11/02/20
A 4 to 6-month-old kitten, male, found south of Crookston about 3 miles very friendly. Call 218 280 4175

LOST – 10/29/20
Male and female chocolate labs.  Both with orange collars in the Climax area.  Missing since October 27.  Call 218-289-0082.

FOUND – 10/28/20
A female calico kitten was found on Lincoln Avenue in Crookston. If this is your cat, you can call 281-1281.

LOST – 10/10/2020
A Callaway Xr 8 iron between the golf course and 411 Golf Terrace. If found, please call 218-281-6677.

FOUND – 10/8/2020
TracFone found on Main Street in the middle lane by Thrifty White in Crookston. Call 218-281-2697 

LOST – 9/26/2020
Medium-sized drone.  Black in color.  Can describe it if found.  It was lost on Friday, 9/25 while my son was flying it in the Carmen edition. It was lost flying east by the farm fields by Carmen Estates.  If found please call 218-289-0374.  

LOST – 9/7/20
Tabby Cat Missing Near Broadway Apts: Large adult male tabby cat went missing September 1st (Tuesday Night) near Broadway Apts. He’s very friendly & his name is “Little Kitty”. He might answer you if you call his name. Also, he has slightly stubby ears and a slightly stubby tail with white-ish hair under his nose & chin. Please text or call 218 277-0321.

Found 9/6/20
A wallet. Contact the Crookston Police Department: 218-281-3111.

LOST 9/4/20
Crookston Hockey sweatshirt lost at the CHS Tennis Courts Thursday afternoon. The sweatshirt is navy blue with the #8 on it and says “MARTIN” on the back. Please call or text 218-280-8936.

LOST 9/2/20
Lost a gray cat. Usually hangs out around Summit Ave in Crookston. Has black stripes on tail and somewhat white paws. Please call 218-280-4203.

FOUND 8/10/20
A cellphone found at Christian Brothers Ford in Crookston.

LOST 8/7/20
Magnetic “Little Miss Crookston” sign that fell off a vehicle sometime during the Royalty Cruise on 8/6/2020. If found, please call 218-521-05644

LOST 7/31/20
Black leather wallet lost somewhere between M&H and North Main in Crookston. If you have it or find it, call 701-335-3227.

FOUND 7/17/20
Samsung cellphone found on Robert St. If it’s yours, call 218-281-1281.

LOST 7/15/20
GMC key fab in Bremer parking lot.  If found please contact 218-289-3657.