The Crookston Convention and Visitors Bureau met Thursday morning at the Crookston Inn and convention center.  

One of the first items they discussed is a monthly questionnaire on what brings people to Crookston when they stay at the hotels. Each of the hotels asks people what brings them to Crookston when they check in. “A majority have been construction, which is really good and most of that is from construction at American Crystal Sugar,” said Crookston CVB board chair Nell DeBoer. “The past month has been a lot of family reunions and get-togethers, traveling through town, followed by funerals.  A lot of business travel and UMC Commencement was on there a few times.  It helps us with targeting groups and marketing to groups.  It is always interesting to see what brings people to town.”

The Crookston Visitor Guides have been a popular item, including in the Duluth tourism center. “We actually sent 600 more visitor guides to the Duluth Visitors Center,” said DeBoer. “We sent them 100 and they already ran out and we are pretty excited about that.”

The new Crookston CVB website,, has been released and is full of great information. “We are rolling out the website and giving away a Minneshlagen game that has a CVB logo on it,” said DeBoer. “Check out our social media and our website for a chance to win the Minneshlagen game.”
The CVB website has also been tied to the Riverland site, Pine to Prairie, City of Crookston, and Minnesota Tourism website.

The other big item that was discussed was the new entrance signs on Highway 2 on the north end of town and on Highway 75 on the south end of Crookston. “MnDOT made some recommendations on what we should do with beautification on the north end and you are starting to see construction going up and within two weeks you will see a sign up,” said DeBoer. “We will have landscaping up and we hope to have it up by July 4.  We have had help from the City of Crookston, CHEDA, the landscapers, and Travis Oliver and the Crookston High School Construction trades class.”

The construction of the welcome sign on Highway 75 south of Crookston