The Crookston Pirate Girls Track Team took second place, just behind West Marshall while the Pirate Boys finished in fourth out of four teams at the 37th Quentin Jones Invitational at the MEC in Thief River Falls.

Emma Borowicz placed well again with first-place finishes in the 200-meter dash and pole vault and a second-place finish in the 300-meter hurdles. “She is another one that is a very strong athlete that is physically and mentally tough. She is always working hard to be the best she can be and I am proud of the way she always competes,” said Pirates Track Head Coach Amy Boll.

Breanna Kressin finished first place in the 100m hurdles and also had a third-place finish in the 300m hurdles. “She has been working hard and she ran a clean race. Overall, she performed really well today,” said Coach Boll.

Kailee Magsam also got first place in the 400-meter dash. “She shaved off 2.29 seconds from her last meet. Of course, I have a time in my head where I think she can get to by the end of the year and she keeps striving for that time,” explained Coach Boll.

In the shot put, Crookston had the top two distances with Ally Perrault taking first place and Libby Salentine taking second with her personal best distance. “It came down to the last throw and you could see a little fire in Ally’s eyes and she didn’t want to get beat. It was back and forth and some good competition amongst each other,” chuckled Coach Boll. “It was also Libby’s personal record so that was really cool.”

Ashlyn Bailey came in second place in the 100-meter dash with a time just under 14 seconds. “She’s a seventh-grader on our team. I’ve been talking to her about shifting speeds during the run and with experience you just figure out how to shift into the next speed,” said Coach Boll. “I’m excited to see what she does as she moves through the program.”

The girls 4×200 meter relay came in second place with a time just over a second behind first place. “There is some tweaking we can make with our handoffs to help shave off some of that time,” explained Coach Boll. “Just some small changes to help edge some time off.”

“I was pretty happy with how the meet went. We have a few kids who I may not have put them in everything I normally do… I was pleased with the way the girls performed today even if we didn’t walk away with first place,” added Coach Boll.

Noah Kiel continued his strong Senior season with first-place finishes in both the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash. “He’s running well. He’s got some really good speed. But I think the big thing is he just doesn’t like to lose,” said Pirate Boys Track Head Coach Wayne Folkers. “We continue to work on starts with him to cut some more time down.”
Andrew MacGregor finished in second place in the 100-meter dash with a time just behind Kiel. “They ended up in different heats, although Andrew should have been in the first heat. But Andrew had a heck of a race. The thing with him is that he got a really good start off the blocks,” explained Coach Folkers. “He’s starting to come along as the season goes.”

Karsten Isaacson had a second-place finish on the track-side of things in the 800-meter run and a second place on the field side in the high jump. “He’s been cutting his time down every meet. If we can get him down to the 2:05 range that would be really nice towards the end of the season,” said Coach Folkers about his 800-meter run. As for the high jump, “He just kinda has a love for it, so we made some adjustments to keep him in there taking him out of the 4×800 to keep his legs fresh.”

The boys did well in the relays with a first-place finish in the 4×100, and second-place finishes in the 4×200 and 4×800. “In the 4×800 we have some younger kids and they keep cutting time. The 4×200 was the first time we lost all year, but it’s been tight all year. In the 4×100 we had probably our best handoffs of the year,” explained Coach Folkers. “I think a lot of it is we are getting back into track shape and getting used to things again.”

“Tomorrow we will have a bit of a rest day and Thursday we will have a harder running workout with another sort of rest day on Friday for work on the blocks and handoffs and things like that,” added Coach Folkers. “We have to balance working on both our running and our form, but also the technique with those handoffs and starts off the blocks.”

The Pirate track teams will head back to Thief River Falls on Saturday. 

1. West Marshall 198.5 1. East Grand Forks 181.5
2. Crookston 189 2. Thief River Falls 167.5
3. Thief River Falls 148.5 3. West Marshall 151.5
4. East Grand Forks 107 4. Crookston 117.5


PIRATE (Top 2 places) Event Result Place
Breanna Kressin 100 Hurdles 16.40 1st
Noah Kiel 100 meters 11.40 1st
Kailee Magsam 400 meters 1:02.74 1st
Emma Borowicz 200 meters 27.55 1st
Noah Kiel 200 meters 22.96 1st
Emma Borowicz Pole Vault 9-00 1st
Ally Perreault Shot Put 30-00 1st
Brady Wisk, Easton Tangquist,
Caden Boike, Gabe Montieth
4×100 Relay 47.05 1st
Ashlyn Bailey 100 meters 13.87 2nd
Andrew MacGregor 100 meters 11.71 2nd
Emma Borowicz 300 hurdles 47.43 2nd
Karsten Isaacson 800 meters 2:21.04 2nd
Karsten Isaacson High Jump 6-00 2nd
Libby Salentine Shot Put 29-09.50 2nd
Thor Harbott, Jackson Reese,
Carter Coauette, Cam Weiland
4×800 Relay 9:55.65 2nd
Breanna Kressin, Ashlyn Bailey,
Hayden Winjum, Emma Borowicz
4×200 Relay 1:50.90 2nd
Brady Wisk, Easton Tangquist,
Caden Boike, Noah Kiel
4×200 Relay 1:36.78 2nd