Mags Ag Service in Crookston, is busy lining up projects for 2021 throughout the region. The ag construction company builds new grain bin systems while also repairing and updating existing systems.

Though they are still a relatively new business partnership, co-owners Bob Magsam and Chris Cournia bring quite a bit of experience to the business. “This will be our third season as Mags Ag Service,” said Magsam. “Basically, where we kind of had the idea and got the start was that for a little over 27 years, I worked for K&D Enterprises, which was an ag construction business building bins, grain dryers, augers, you name it, all of those type of things. K&D Enterprises was retiring and going out of business, and we decided there was still a need for that type of business in this area. And with my experience along with Chris being a local farmer his whole life and his experience on that side, it was a good partnership, good business, and a good way to start.”

Magsam said they work with nearly everything that touches grain. “Basically, if it touches your grain, we probably sell it or fix it,” said Magsam. “We’re an ag construction business, so we specialize in grain bins, grain dryers, augers, aeration floors, air fans, basically anything that’s needed to transfer or store grain once you get it out of the field. We do work with just about anything, but we do work heavily with Brock bins and Westeel bins primarily. We tell everybody we’ve got enough connections that we can get just about any brand that’s manufactured out there, but those are the two primary bin manufacturing companies that we handle. Grain dryers are the same thing, we kind of dabble a little bit with every. But we specialize with the in-bin dryers with the Shivvers company, which has been a very popular product over the last 30 years, and we want to continue that on in our area.”

Magsam said they like to work around the Crookston area but have customers stretching from Baudette to Bottineau. “Our coverage area is kind of wide and spread out,” said Magsam. “We have some really good customers all the way up by Baudette, and all the way over by Bottineau, North Dakota so there is probably an eight-hour drive between those two places. We go all the way up to the Canadian border and not too far south from the Crookston area. Get down and dabble a little bit in the Fargo/Moorhead area. We really want to stay specialized and stay local as best as we can.”

Like many other industries, there is a challenge around the supply of materials due to a manufacturing shortage during COVID. “It’s definitely going to be a different year,” said Magsam. “Right now, looking at the scheduled projects, we’re going to have a very busy summer. The tricky part is how it’s all going to pan out with the supply of materials. Due to COVID and the steel shortage, it’s been a bit of a challenge for materials, but we’ve got several bigger bin projects coming up this summer and a lot of bin repair projects. We don’t just specialize in selling and building brand new stuff. We’re not afraid to get into the old stuff and get that repaired. Add rings so you can add bushels or add air floors, anything along those lines.”

While they are looking at developing a website, you can contact them in various ways. “You can find us by calling (218-280-1332),” said Magsam. “Also, you can look us up on Facebook (here). You can message us, shoot us an email, any way to inquire about a quote or get us to come out to look at a project if you’re interested. Remember, no project is too big or too small. We’re will to look at it and see if we can help you out with anything you need.”

Mags Ag Service can be reached by calling Magsam at 218-280-1618 or Cournia at 218-280-1332. You can also email them at