Greetings Crookston!

Student Success: Even in a pandemic, great things are happening at Crookston Public Schools. I wanted to celebrate a few recent student successes:

Crookston High School’s One Act Play “Dark Road” finished 2nd at Sections. These types of performances just don’t happen and we want to recognize the hard work and dedication of our students to pull off this performance!

Ethan Boll recently celebrated his 100th win in wrestling. Congratulations Ethan, your work ethic and diligence is paying off!

Triple A Awards: Emma Borowicz and Gabe Montieth represented Crookston High School. Gabe Montieth went on to be chosen as the sub-section 31 winner. Congratulations!

Girl’s Hockey just celebrated a win versus Detroit Lakes!

Girl’s Basketball recently vanquished Pelican Rapids. This is an impressive team that works just as hard in the classroom as on the court!

Boy’s Hockey recently had a win versus Lake of the Woods. Go Pirates!

Bus Garage: We are currently at the final stages of punch lists and last minute details on the bus garage. After several delays we will be transitioning in mid-February between the old and new bus garages. Once we have everything moved, we will be hosting tours to the public. We will announce these tours at a later date.

Track and Field Facility Committee: If you are interested in serving on the track and field committee, we would request that you contact Crookston School District Office at 218-281-5313. We will be looking to set a meeting soon and would like to include those who are interested. We are currently studying our Track and Field Facilities and looking at where we go from here as we contemplate the future of our Track and Field Facilities. We want to make sure that any discussion reflects the community as we view whatever next steps we make as a journey that we are embarking on together.

Communication on Positive Cases of COVID-19: We transitioned to a dashboard concept for communication of positive cases in our schools. This can be found at https://www.crookston.k12.mn.us/covid-19 and click on “COVID-19 Case Dashboard”. This is updated in real time and will have the most accurate information by week and school building.

Temp Checks on Buses: On February 8th we discontinued temp checks on buses. The reason for this is that in cold weather many of our temp checkers have reported errors as the ambient temperature for a temp check needs to be 40 degree F for accurate readings. We are also experiencing several students who have waited outside and therefore receiving incredibly low temps. While we believe this is a good strategy in the more mild months, it does appear that this is a strategy that is not holding up well to our MN winters. We will continue to scan all students inside the school entrances as this is a much more controlled environment. As such we are asking parents to monitor temperatures in addition to monitoring for other symptoms of their students before they leave the house as early detection is important.

Communication with the school: We continue to ask our parents to communicate with the school if your student is identified as positive for COVID-19. We are also asking that you keep your child home from school if they are experiencing symptoms. We want to keep all students safe and in school, we can only do this if we are communicating well. If you have something that comes up over the weekend, please feel free to contact me on my cell at 218-770-8717.

Jeremy Olson
Crookston School District