On November 28, at approximately 4 p.m., a Grand Forks Police Officer attempted to stop a Ford Focus for a traffic violation near the intersection of 1st Ave. and North 15th Street.  The vehicle refused to stop and sped away fleeing from the Officer conducting the traffic stop.  The vehicle continued down several residential streets at speeds of 40-50 MPH.

The vehicle hit a couple of curbs and became disabled on the 1900 block of 8th Ave. North. The driver of the vehicle exited the vehicle and fled North through backyards.  The suspect was apprehended in the 900 block of North 20th Street. 

The driver of the vehicle was identified as 29-year-old Grand Forks resident Clint Posey. There were other occupants present in the vehicle, but Posey was the only subject who fled.  The passengers of the vehicle were identified and released.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Posey was arrested for fleeing in a motor vehicle, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and other charges.