KROX received the following information from an area high school football coach as a large group of people are trying to get the Minnesota State High School League to overturn their decision to postpone football to start in Mid-March.  The information is below. 

A group of football parents has put together the following information regarding the postponement of the 2020 high school football season and how you can get involved.  Please forward this information to your parents, booster clubs, and players!

We are asking for your help! We would like for the MSHSL to overturn their decision to allow our kids to play football this fall. You may have seen in recent news, there are a number of states that are beginning to overturn the decision to play high school football in the fall. Colorado, Michigan, Kansas, Utah, Florida, Alabama and Ohio have already reversed their decisions and will begin their seasons in two weeks. Most of the states in the US have figured out how to safely and effectively play sports during this time.

The MSHSL decision to play spring football in the state of Minnesota is not a very good plan. There are currently 35 states in the US playing football in the fall and Minnesota is among only 15 states that are not playing football right now and we are THE ONLY state that is trying to play spring football when there could be temps below freezing and snow on the ground.  Most of the football fields in the state of Minnesota are still natural grass.  Have they considered the damage that will be done to the playing fields at these schools? How will they accommodate sporting activities in the spring when the fields are damaged and will need time to regrow?  How will they pay for the damage done to these fields, especially since they have now removed the largest revenue generating sport from the budget?


Did the MSHSL take into account the psychological and financial effects this will have on the players and their families?  So much is being lost here. We cannot stress enough how this is mentally and emotionally affecting our kids. They have left a lot of kids on their own with no structure and support of football to help assist them through these difficult times, and they now feel more isolated than ever. Without football and the structure of school, these kids continue to hang out looking for things to do with all of their free time, so we need to provide them with an opportunity to do something constructive like play football with a plan and in a controlled environment. In many cases sports are the only positive outlet that some of these kids have and they have removed this from their lives.  Many of the seniors have been waiting their entire lives for their final high school season. Many families will be impacted financially, because players will not have as many opportunities for athletic scholarships especially since most other states are playing this fall so our players are being over-looked. This will impact some of these player’s ability to go to college if they do not get a scholarship.

Why do they have a plan for students to play soccer, but not football? Why does the MSHSL have a plan to allow football players to lift and practice, but does not have a plan in place to allow them to play games? Basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and hockey clubs all have figured out how to play games safely all summer long and some of them in a closed setting or in a gym and have allowed fans to attend these games with safety plans in place. Football is an outdoor sport, where the players have equipment that covers most of their entire body, so why can they not figure out a safe plan to return to playing this fall?

We would like the MSHSL to reconsider their decision. We are asking you to join us in an effort to reinstate football for our high school football players. Both parents and players are encouraged to participate! They have requested you click on this link to https://www.mshsl.org/contact and to fill in all your personal info, select school affiliation, sport and then submit your request. You will get an auto-replay with this submission, so it is very important that you also email an individual on the Board of Directors and copy all of them listed below for a personal response:

Board of Directors
Russ Reetz
Dustin Bosshart
Mike Domin
Kirby Ekstrom
Dawn Engebretson
Walt Hautala
Matt Heier
Tom Jerome
Amanda Kaus
Ceil McDonal
Blaine Novak
John Ostrowski
Gary Revenig
Jim Smokrovich
Troy Stein
Bill Tauer
John Vraa
Todd Waterbury
Frank White
You can also contact your local representative or senator by clicking HERE
The states that have been successful in getting the decision overturned have BOTH emailed the High School Board Members AND protested, so they are also planning to organize a peaceful protest session at the Capitol next week.  Details will be released soon.