Beginning this September, Rydell National Wildlife Refuge, near Erskine, MN will be open to archery deer hunting on nearly 1,400 acres. This same acreage will also be open to numerous upland game species, including ruffed grouse, ring-necked pheasant, gray partridge, sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chicken (by special State permit only), wild turkey, rabbits and squirrels. 

Season dates and bag limits will follow those of the State for archery deer and upland game hunting. Additionally, this portion of the Refuge will be open to mourning doves and woodcock, following the State seasons and bag limits. Hunting for ducks, geese, and coots will be allowed on this part of the Refuge for youth only, during the two-day Minnesota Youth Waterfowl Season, on September 12-13. 

In addition to these new opportunities, the refuge will continue to host a special two-day mentored youth deer hunt in late October, and a special three-day accessible deer hunt for people with disabilities during mid-October. For more information on new or existing hunting opportunities on the Refuge, contact Gregg Knutsen, Refuge Manager, at 218-686-4329, or visit the Refuge website at https://www.fws.gov/refuge/rydell/.