At approximately 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10, the Crookston Police Department responded to the Golf Terrace Motel at 1731 University Avenue on a report of an active domestic situation.
While responding officers were advised a window was being broken and a car was being damaged. Upon arrival, a male, later identified as Joel Fesler, 60 years old from Keokuk Iowa, was observed entering room 37. Officers spoke with the victim and a witness and learned Fesler and the victim knew each other, and the incident actually took place at room 34 prior to Fesler retreating to his room (37). Officers were advised that Fesler has a history of fighting with law enforcement, has been known to be armed and should be considered dangerous. Officers made multiple requests for Fesler to open the door and come out of the room. Fesler refused.
Deputies with the Polk County Sheriff’s office, a Minnesota State Trooper, and Crookston Area Ambulance arrived to assist. Officers were able to enter the room using a back door. Commands were given to Fesler to get on the floor; he refused and showed aggressive indications he wanted to fight. Two less-lethal inert pepper-ball rounds were deployed striking Fesler in a thigh but they had no effect on him. A taser was deployed and Fesler was immediately handcuffed with no other physical resistance.  Fesler was then transported to the Northwest Regional Correction Center in Crookston.
At the time of booking Fesler was being held for the charges of Domestic Assault, Damage To Property, and Obstructing the Legal Process. There were no injuries to Fesler or officers.