Stephen-Argyle Central, like many other school districts throughout the region, will host a graduation ceremony unlike any other in memory. Stephen-Argyle’s graduation will be Saturday at 2:00 p.m. for their 18 graduates and parents only. District Superintendent Chris Mills said the ceremony will be held on a grassy area north of the school. “Our ceremony will be outside in a green space area just north of our building,” said Mills. “We plan to have our ceremony there within the guidelines that have been put out by the state. We have 18 graduates coming through and are just finalizing the plans for that ceremony this week.”

Mills said the district has changed its graduation plans several times over the past weeks and believes they will recognize the graduating class as best the district can. “This is about our fourth plan we’ve had in place,” said Mills. “Trying to make sure that we all social distancing guidelines. And trying to make sure we take all the precautions put out by the state and the recent guidelines the governor and Department of Health have put out. But, we feel like we’ve put together a plan that is meeting all those things and also trying to put together the best ceremony we can to make sure the Class of 2020 is being recognized in the best manner we can. It’s been a pretty interesting process.”

Mills said he believes the current situation gives time to reflect on the opportunities people have had, the resiliency and grit needed to get through the past few months, and to look forward to the future. “I think the Class of 2020 has had a lot of challenges as we went through the era of distance learning and COVID-19 and the challenges that have been in place since mid-March,” said Mills. “I think there has been a lot of things that the class, and all of us, take for granted, year in and year out as you look at things you get to participate in your senior year, and all the way through, looking at activities. Those things not being available to our kids, I think, allow you to reflect and be thankful for the things you do have the opportunity to participate in. It makes you grateful for your health, the well-being of your family, and I think, to take time to reflect on that and take steps forward to look to your future. Focus on that rather than some of the things you don’t get to participate in. I think our class has done a really great job of that and I think our families and parents have done that. As we get to Saturday, I hope we get the opportunity again to think about that resiliency, the grit everyone’s show, and start looking forward to their future.”

The graduating class of 2020 from Stephen-Argyle Central is Annika Carlson, Cade Chwialkowski, Brooke Clausen, Adam Dalager, Hermelinda Dimas, Luca Engen, Dawson Feuillerat, Starr Johnson, MariAna Kazmierczak, Jacob Kostrzewski, Philomena Leininger, Mason Mock, Brady Pagnac, Brody Pietruszewski, Thomas Pietruszewski, Haley Riopelle, Anthony Trueblood, and Jacob Zacha.