The Crookston City Council met on Monday, April 27, moving quickly through its agenda.  Mayor Dale Stainbrook made a Mayoral Proclamation designating the month of May as National Oncology Month in the City of Crookston.

All remaining items were on the consent agenda, including bills and disbursements totaling $378,440.72, a bid for surplus brass was awarded to Crookston Welding and Machine for $19,899.60. The agenda also included extending the local emergency for COVID-19, and approving an employment agreement with the Crookston Professional Firefighters Local #3394.
The consent agenda also included approving the plans and specifications for 2020 street improvements in the City of Crookston.  Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner said those projects, which include work on Radisson Road, 5th Avenue South, Sahlstrom Drive, and the extension of Eickhof Boulevard, will go out for bid.  “We were approving calling for the bids,” said Weasner.  “So, we are going to be advertising for the 2020 street improvement projects to be completed this summer.  There are four, and it will be open to all that want to bid on it.  The bid opening will be held in May and will go to the council on May 26.”

Two resolutions on the consent agenda also dealt with funds related to the Crookston Municipal Airport. The first was to approve an e-signature for a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration through the CARES Act explains Weasner.  “With the CARES Act that has been approved by Congress, there are some additional monies available for the city to receive,” said Weasner.  “They are trying to get that out in a timely manner and are requesting an e-signature process.  Because of my position, I wanted to ensure transparency, so I had the council approve the signature block to be approved by me.”

The grant could provide the City of Crookston $30,000 for operational expenses at the airport.  Weasner said the second resolution, a transfer of $7,139 in 2020 entitlement funds at the airport, was to repay a loan from 2017 from the City of Springfield for repaving the airport.  “We also had the resolution to transfer 2020 entitlement funds,” said Weasner.  “Back in 2017, we had borrowed some money from the City of Springfield, and now we are just returning those funds as requested.”