Reed Perkins, a Minnesota born and raised father, science teacher, and proud air force husband, is proud to announce his candidacy for state senate by running in Senate District 1 in the 2020 election.

“The three planks of my platform are simple.” Reed said, “We need to start treating healthcare as a human right for all people, that means both accessible and affordable here in rural counties. Childcare availability must be expanded because families should feel more freedom to start families here. And our Ag policy needs an overhaul because current policy has tilted the playing field towards big business against our family farmers; the current level of market consolidation is both unfair and unhealthy to both our farmers and our small towns.”

Reed has worked as a park ranger with the National Park Service, a camp counselor with the Audubon Society, a public-school teacher, and a leader of a homeschool coalition on an Air Force Base. His wife is a Major and he has participated in several Military Spouse groups. The variety of environments he’s done education and built communities in has him excited to help his home state again.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to give back to my home state,” Reed continued, “This is a state that gave me so much and to have the chance to run for office as I raise my family where I grew up is a dream come true. I’ve spent the last several years helping other military spouses navigate government systems to have their needs met and I’m ready to put those skills to work for those of us living in this corner of our state.”

Reed Perkins lives in East Grand Forks where he and his wife raise two daughters. He says he’s ready to make certain everyone in rural Minnesota is given a seat at the table where their voices can be heard.

To learn more about Reed Perkins and his campaign, you can visit his website or find him on Facebook at “Perkins for MN1”.