Jesse Ray Garcia Jr., 35 of Crookston, is facing four felony charges, including second-degree attempted murder for an incident that took place at 721 Woodland Ave in Crookston on February 8.  The complaint states that Garcia was upset about money that was missing from home, and the victim didn’t know where the money was.  The victim said Garcia, who was her boyfriend, grabbed her by the shirt, pulling her off the bed and throwing her on the floor.  He choked her multiple times until she passed out and hit her several times with a closed fist while their son was in the room.  The victim also told officers that Garcia threatened to kill her, at one point saying he was going to kill her because he wasn’t going to jail unless she was dead. 

Garcia reportedly took the victim’s phone and hid it because he didn’t want her to tell anyone what had happened.  She told him she wasn’t going to tell anyone but used Garcia’s phone after he passed out from drinking to call her brother.  Garcia has been charged with second-degree attempted murder, which carries a maximum sentence of 40 years.  He has also been charged with three other felonies, second-degree domestic assault with a maximum sentence of fives years, $10,000 fine or both, domestic assault by strangulation with a maximum sentence of three years, $5,000 fine or both, and threats of violence with a maximum sentence of five years, $10,000 fine or both.