SPORTS FEEVER – February 13, 2020

Welcome to another edition of the Sports Feever column.  In this week’s column we take a look at the Crookston Pirate Girls Hockey team’s season.  We also look at the Section 8A and 8AA Boys and Girls Basketball standings.  There are four Crookston girls hockey players that will be playing for Team Minnesota this spring/summer, a lot of milestones were reached over the past week and a lot more.  We also have the District 16 youth hockey tournament seeds, dates, and locations.
Best of luck to all teams in tournament play and enjoy another column, and Happy Valentines Day!

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The Crookston Pirate Girls Hockey team’s season came to an end last weekend when they lost to the Warroad Warriors in the Section 8A semi-finals.  It wrapped up a much improved and very successful season.  You could definitely tell what girls put the time in in the weight room, dryland, and on the ice in the offseason.  Their hard work was noticed by everybody that watched them.  The girls went 12-14 on the year and it was an improvement of eight wins from last season where they were 4-19-1!!
Crookston/Mayville had two girls named to the all-section team for the first time in a long time with goalie Grace Koshney making the first team.  Nora Peterson was named to the second team and Coach Tim Moe was named coach of the year.

I like what Tim said after the award announcement to KROX’s Leo Blavin.  He said his award was for all the hard work the girls put in during the offseason and during the season.  And Tim has given a lot of credit to his assistant coaches too.  Coach of the Year is always a “team” effort.
The girls will be beefing up the schedule next year with the addition of Roseau and some other teams (we will touch on the schedule changes when Mr. Garmen has it finalized).

The Mayville/Hatton coop has been a good one for Crookston.   Both all-section players were from Mayville and they have a handful of very good players on the team.  It has been a great addition and has helped the team.
The Pirates will be adding some pretty good players to the team next year too with two Crookston eighth graders playing for Team Minnesota.  They have two more girls that could play varsity next year or wait another year or two, that are also playing for Team Minnesota this summer also.
Coach Moe told the girls last year that if they didn’t work hard in the offseason that they would get passed up and that happened in a few spots and it could happen again this offseason.  Competition is great and it makes everybody better.  The girls want to take the next step next year and get into the top 2.  If they work as hard as they did this past offseason it could be an exciting year next year.  The girls have to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

— — —

The Section 8A Girls Hockey coaches named the All-Section 8A Girls Hockey teams and coaches of the year.


#23 Hannah Corneliusen – Warroad
#17 Geno Hendrickson – Warroad
#8 Sydney Phaneuf – Warroad
#7 Kate Johnson – East Grand Forks

#19 Khloe Lund – Thief River Falls
#9 Karlie Meeker – Warroad

#1 Grace Koshney – Crookston
#31 Ellie McDonald – East Grand Forks


#5 Shelby Breiland – Thief River Falls
#10 Kylie Stauss – East Grand Forks
#17 Nora Peterson – Crookston

#7 Lexi Huot – Thief River Falls
#16 Tahra Johnson – Warroad

#1 Gabriella Steele – Thief River Falls

Head Coach of the year: Tim Moe – Crookston
Assistant Coach of the year: Bob Huot – Thief River Falls

— — —

Several Crookston and area girls hockey players have made Team Minnesota in their respective age groups. The players from Northern Minnesota are listed below –

2024 – Taylor Brueske
2006 – Reese Swanson and Brekken Tull of Crookston. Maggie Plante, Reagan Zywicki, Hannah Graves.
2007/2025 – Addie Fee of Crookston. Taylor Kressin (G), Mercury Bischoff, Payton Remick, Kaiya Sandy, Lauren Hornstein
2026/2008 – Ashlyn Bailey of Crookston. Mya Gunderson, Caambria Thomas, Rylee Kalkbrenner, Mae McCall, Kenleigh Fischer, Ashlee Pruse
2009 – Taylee Manion
2028 – Calliope Malkowski

— — —

The Section 8A Team Wrestling tournament semi-finals are set for Friday, February 14 at Fertile.
#1 Frazee vs #5 Fosston-Bagley – 6PM
#2 BGMR vs #3 United North Central – 6PM

Championship – Winners of the semi-finals at 7:30 PM

The Section 8A Individual Wrestling Tournament will be held in Crookston on Friday, February 21 and Saturday, February 22.  We will have more on that tournament next week.

— — —

The Section 8A Boys Hockey seeding meeting was supposed to be held on Wednesday but was postponed to Thursday because of the weather.  Most seeds seem to be straight forward and I will give you what my seeds would be going into the meeting –

Warroad should be the unanimous number one seed.  East Grand Forks will be second and Thief River Falls will be third.  Those three are pretty easy.  It gets a little more interesting the rest of the way.
Detroit Lakes and Kittson County Central will be looking for the fourth seed.  KCC beat Detroit Lakes 5-2 on December 7.  Detroit Lakes beat KCC 2-1 in OT on January 25.  I personally believe the second meeting should always carry more weight.  Also, DL has played East Grand Forks and Warroad.   KCC played East Grand Forks and Thief River Falls.  It will come down to how the coaches vote, but either team can say they deserve the fourth seed.
The sixth seed will go to Red Lake Falls.  The Eagles didn’t beat a team ahead of them and beat all the teams below them.  The seventh seed should be Crookston as they beat Lake of the Woods and Park Rapids.  The eighth seed will be either Bagley-Fosston or Park Rapids.  The two teams split during the regular season with Bagley-Fosston winning the second meeting.

My thinking on how the seeding will go –
Team (Section record – Overall record)
1.Warroad  (8-0 – 23-2)
2. East Grand Forks (7-2 – 17-4-2)
3. Thief River Falls (6-4 – 13-10-1)
4. Detroit Lakes (7-3 – 13-9-2)
5. Kittson County Central (10-3 – 17-7)
6. Red Lake Falls (7-4 – 17-8)
7. Crookston (3-10 – 4-20)
8. Lake of the Woods (4-9 – 6-18)
9. Bagley-Fosston (1-7 – 5-16)
10. Park Rapids (1-12 – 4-20)

— — —

We have one week left of the regular season for girls basketball.  Section 8AA Girls Basketball seeds are all pretty much solidified with a few games left.

In the north – Hawley will be one, Roseau will be second, Crookston will be third, and Park Rapids will be fourth.  East Grand Forks and Dilworth-Glyndon Felton are fighting for the fifth seed and DGF has the tie-breaker with a two-point win over EGF earlier this season.  So I am thinking DGF will be fifth, EGF is sixth, Thief River Falls seventh and Warroad and Bagley will be playing the play-in game for the rights to play Hawley.

In the south – Fergus Falls has had the top seed wrapped up since the first week.  Pelican Rapids is undefeated and will be the second seed, Perham third and Menahga at the fourth spot.  The fifth seed looks like it will go to Breckenridge as they beat Barnesville twice during the regular season and have the tie-breaker.  It looks like Frazee will be the seventh seed because they beat Wadena-Deer Creek in their only meeting to earn the tie-breaker. And Staples-Motley will be the ninth seed.

The section QRF is below –  (QRF provided by
North – Team, record (QRF)
1. Hawley 17-5 (145.1)
2. Roseau 18-5 (122.4)
3. Crookston 18-5 (113.3)
4. Park Rapids 11-12 (79.9)
5. East Grand Forks 8-14 (67.0)
6. Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 7-15 (66.7)
7. Thief River Falls 4-17 (53.4)
8. Warroad 2-20 (27.9)
9. Bagley 0-22 (24.2)

South – Team, record (QRF)
1. Fergus Falls 20-2 (212.4– #1 in state)
2. Pelican Rapids 23-0 (152.1)
3. Perham 16-7 (126.6)
4. Menahga 17-7 (107)
5. Breckenridge 15-8 (96.9)
6. Barnesville 11-11 (93.6)
7. Wadena-Deer Creek 14-10 (84.7)
8. Frazee 10-11 (83.9)
9. Staples-Motley 7-17 (53.1)

— — —

Section 8A Girls Basketball seeds are getting closer to being finalized and there will be some big games over the next week. Who is the favorite?  Who knows.  Everybody is beating everybody and it has been a wild finish.  I still think Warren-Alvarado-Oslo has to be the favorite at this time and will be going into the tournament, but it is wide open with about seven or eight teams having a chance!

West Sub-section – It looks like Warren-Alvarado-Oslo will be the top seed.  The second through fourth seeds are still up in the air.  Sacred Heart and BGMR play Monday, February 17.  IF BGMR wins their last three games (EGF, Sacred Heart, and Win-E-Mac) they will be the second seed.  If Sacred Heart beats BGMR on February 17 and wins out they will be the second seed. It looks like one way or the other RLCC will be the third seed.  RLCC has the tie-breaker over Sacred Heart.  The last week is going to be big for those three teams.  Red Lake Falls looks like they will be the fifth seed because they have the tie-breaker advantage over Stephen-Argyle.  The Northern Freeze will be the seventh seed, KCC at eight, Fertile-Beltrami nine and Climax-Fisher at the 10th seed.

The east sub-section – Fosston looks like they will be the top seed.  They have a tie-breaker over Cass Lake-Bena so that might be the difference.  The Panthers look like they will be the second seed, Red Lake at three, Clearbrook-Gonvick will be the fourth spot.  They have split with Blackduck, but have a better section record. Goodridge-Grygla looks to have the sixth spot tied up and it is too close to call on the last three seeds.  The last few games will be important for the final three teams for seeding purposes.

The Section qrf standings are below – (Compliments of

West – Team, record (QRF)
1. Warren-A-O 18-3 (105.3)
2. Sacred Heart 18-6 (90.4)
3. Red Lake Co. Central 17-4 (87.8)
4. BGMR 16-7 (85.2)
5. Red Lake Falls 12-9 (69.4)
6. Stephen-Argyle 11-12 (68.0)
7. Northern Freeze 7-13 (55.5)
8. Kittson County Central 9-12 (49.3)
9. Fertile-Beltrami 6-14 (42.1)
10. Climax-Fisher 5-19 (36.1)

East – Team, record (QRF)
1. Fosston 17-5 (86.5)
2. Cass Lake-Bena 17-7 (83.4)
3. Red Lake 14-8 (74.1)
4. Clearbrook-Gonvick 11-9 (67.5)
5. Blackduck 15-8 (63.9)
6. Goodridge/Grygla 7-15 (48.7)
7. Kelliher/Northome 7-16 (40.7)
8. Lake of the Woods 6-16 (38.4)
9. Win-E-Mac 5-18 (38.3)

— — —

Section 8AA Boys Basketball has some interesting races for seeds, including for the top seed in the south sub-section.  Next week we will take a look at seed possibilities.  The standings/records as of Tuesday and QRF as of Monday are listed below –

In the North – East Grand Forks should be the top seed as they lead Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton and have the tie-breaker.  So those teams will be 1 and 2.  Things get interesting in the 3-6 spots.   Right now Hawley, Crookston, Warroad, and Thief River Falls are fighting for the third seed.  Hawley has the tiebreaker after beating all three teams this season.  So Hawley would have to be the favorite to get the three seed.  The fourth seed has Crookston, TRF, and Warroad.  Crookston beat Warroad twice and split with TRF.  Crookston, if healthy, will likely go 3-3 in their last six games and Thief River Falls will likely go 2-4 so it will who knows what will happen.  If Crookston isn’t healthy, they might struggle to win more than one game.  We will see. Warroad currently holds the tie-breaker with TRF after beating them earlier this year.  The two teams will meet in the final game of the year and we will know more at that point, obviously.   My prediction – Crookston four, Warroad five and TRF will be six.
Bagley looks like they will be seven, Roseau eight and Park Rapids nine.

SOUTH – It looks like Fergus Falls will get the top seed as they have a decent schedule the rest of the way and will pick up some bonus QRF points to edge Perham.
Barnesville is currently in the third spot, but they have lost four of their last five after losing Hunter Zenzen to an injury.  They split with Breckenridge and Pelican Rapids during the regular season so they don’t have the tie-breaker advantage in head-to-head.  Pelican Rapids and Breckenridge are right behind Barnesville and will play each other on Friday and if Breckenridge wins that game I am guessing they might be the third seed.  We will see.  It is too early to predict the third through fifth seed.
The sixth seed looks to be Wadena-Deer Creek and Frazee has the seventh seed locked up.  Menahga will be the eight and Staples-Motley the ninth seed.

1.East Grand Forks 19-1 (111.6)
2. Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 17-5 (105.9)
3. Thief River Falls 9-10 (64.9)
4. Hawley 5-13 (60.8)
5. Crookston 8-12 (60.0)
6. Warroad 11-9 (59.1)
7. Bagley 8-13 (49.8)
8. Roseau 5-15 (38.5)
9. Park Rapids 2-19 (34.1)

1. Fergus Falls 17-4 (164.2)
2. Perham 19-0 (163.0)
3. Barnesville 12-7 (94.4)
4. Breckenridge 11-10 (90.8)
5. Pelican Rapids 15-7 (86.2)
6. Wadena-Deer Creek 13-8 (74.0)
7. Frazee 9-10 (63.4)
8. Menahga 10-11 (51.8)
9. Staples-Motley 4-16) (30.7)

— — —

Section 8A Boys Basketball has a big favorite and it is the defending Section champion Ada-Borup Cougars.  They have one loss on the year and that is when they get beat pretty good by 19-1 Henning!  The beat Fertile-Beltrami in a battle for the top seed last week.
BUT, I wouldn’t count out BGMR or Cass Lake-Bena right now.  The way BGMR is playing right now, I think they might be the best bet to knock off the favorite and they have athleticism, discipline, and defense to win the title.  I know this much, it will be an exciting 8A tourney and look forward to the games at the Ralph!

West –
Ada-Borup will be the top team.  I am predicting BGMR will finish strong with four wins, but I don’t think it will be enough to pass Fertile-Beltrami.  Plus Fertile-Beltrami has the tiebreaker after beating BGMR early in the season.
Kittson County Central and Red Lake County will be fighting for the fifth seed, but KCC has the tie-breaker with a win over the Rebels earlier this year.
Sacred Heart looks to have the sixth seed, followed by Stephen-Argyle at seven, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo at eight (beat the Freeze twice), Northern Freeze at nine and Climax-Fisher will be 10th.

East –
Cass Lake-Bena has the top seed in the east tied up.  Red Lake and Clearbrook-Gonvick will play Thursday for the second seed.  Blackduck looks to have the fourth seed locked up, Win-E-Mac is leading in the race for the fifth seed and Northome/Kelliher looks like they will be the six.  Goodridge-Grygla and Fosston will have a fight to the finish for the seventh seed and Lake of the Woods has the ninth seed solidified.

1.Ada-Borup 18-1 (113.4)
2. Fertile-Beltrami 20-3 (93.9)
3. BGMR 17-5 (90.5)
4. Kittson Co. Central 14-6 (87.3)
5. Red Lake County 18-4 (82.2)
6. Sacred Heart 11-11 (55.1)
7. Stephen-Argyle 8-14 (51.4)
8. Northern Freeze 8-13 (46.4)
9. Warren-Alvarado-Oslo 7-14 (43.1)
10. Climax-Fisher 1-19 (26.8)

1. Cass Lake-Bena 16-6 (88.9)
2. Red Lake 12-10 (73.7)
3. Clearbrook-Gonvick 14-6 (70.9)
4. Blackduck 14-6 (64.2)
5. Win-E-Mac 6-15 (41.3)
6. Northome/Kelliher 5-16 (36.5)
7. Goodridge/Grygla 5-17 (32.2)
8. Fosston 3-16 (32.1)
9. Lake of the Woods 2-19 (14.6)

— — —

Coaching Milestones –

Steve Philion (Red Lake County) won his 600th career basketball game on Thursday.
Dave Cresap (Perham) won his 600th career basketball game on Saturday.

Player Milestones –
Ivy Edwards (Sacred Heart) scored the 1,000th point of her career this week.
Sydney Lloyd (Sacred Heart) scored the 1,000th point of her career last week.
Rylie Mortimer (Warren-Alvarado-Oslo) scored the 1,000th point of her career last week.
Aiden Leach (DGF) scored the 1,000th point of his career this week.
Cole Johnson (Thief River Falls) recorded the 75th pin of his career

— — —

Minnesota Youth Hockey District tournaments begin this weekend.  The dates and locations, and tournament seeds are below –

2020 District Tournaments

February 14-16, 2020

Bantam A Tournament – at Thief River Falls
There are only 3 teams in NW Minnesota!!!!!! All three advance to regions.
1. Warroad
2. Thief River Falls
3. East Grand Forks

Bantam B Tournament – at EGF
1. Bagley
2. Bemidji
3. Lake of the Woods
4. Red Lake Falls
5. East Grand Forks
6. Crookston
7. Warroad
8. Roseau
9. Thief River Falls

PeeWee A Tournament- at Crookston
1. East Grand Forks
2. Lake of the Woods
3. Warroad
4. Thief River Falls
5. Crookston
6. Red Lake Falls

PeeWee B Tournament – at Baudette
1. East Grand Forks
2. Thief River Falls
3. Bemidji
4. Lake of the Woods
5. Warroad
6. Hallock
7. Roseau
8. Red Lake Falls
9. Crookston
10. Bagley

Girls 12U Tournament – at Roseau
1. Warroad
2. Roseau
3. Crookston
4. Bemidji
5. East Grand Forks

Feb 22 – Feb 23, 2020

Squirt A Tournament – at Bemidji
No seeds have been released yet. But there are 7 teams in the district.
Bemidji A and B, East Grand Forks, Red Lake Falls, Roseau, Thief River Falls, and Warroad.

Feb 29 – March 1, 2020

Squirt B at Warroad and Red Lake Falls
No seeds have been released yet

Girls 10U Tournament – at Roseau
1. Bemidji
2. Roseau A
3. Warroad
4. Thief River Falls
5. Crookston
6. Roseau B

2020  Region Tournaments
Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2020
Peewee A North –  Lake of the Woods
Girls 12U B Olympic –  Thief River Falls

— — —

The Section 8AA Boys Hockey Seedings have been announced:
#1 – Moorhead
#2 – St. Michael-Albertville
#3 – Roseau
#4 – St. Cloud
#5 – Rogers
#6 – Brainerd
#7 – Buffalo
#8 – Bemidji

— — —

The 10 finalists for the Minnesota Miss Hockey 2020 award have been announced and two from the area have made the list.

Hannah Corneliusen of Warroad
Kayla Santl of Roseau

Other finalists –
Mackenzie Bourgerie (North Wright County)
Addie Burton, Lily Delianedis, and Audrey Wethington (Blake)
Sydney Langseth (Eden Prairie)
Olivia Mobley (Breck)
Jamie Nelson (Andover)
Maggie Nicholson (Minnetonka)

— — —


Deep within a forest, a little turtle began to climb a tree. After hours of effort, he reached the top, jumped into the air waving his front legs and crashed to the ground. After recovering, he slowly climbed the tree again, jumped, and fell to the ground.
The turtle tried again and again while a couple of birds sitting on a branch watched his sad efforts. Finally, the female bird turned to her mate.
“Dear,” she chirped, “I think it’s time to tell him he’s adopted.”

— —

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His wife called from the kitchen, “What on earth are you watching?”
The man replies – “Our wedding video.”

— —

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To all my friends who are in a relationship: Happy Valentine`s Day!. and To all my friends who are single, Happy Independence

Day Dear Alcohol….. Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s day, hope you all get some…… Chocolates that is.

— — —

How are former Crookston Pirates athletes doing in college or elsewhere?

Paul Bittner is playing for the Cleveland Monsters, the AHL affiliate of the Columbus Bluejacket. Paul scored a power-play goal and had five shots on net in a 3-0 victory over Binghampton on Friday. Paul didn’t score and had five penalty minutes in a 4-0 loss to Binghampton on Sunday. Paul scored a goal and had three shots on goal in a 2-0 victory Grand Rapids on Tuesday. Cleveland will travel to Grand Rapids on Friday, to Rockford on Saturday, and Chicago on Sunday.

Thea Oman, a freshman, is swimming at St. Ben’s.  St. Ben’s had the week off and they will compete in the MIAC Championships February 12 – 15 in Minneapolis.

Brady Heppner, is a Senior, playing hockey at St. Johns University in Collegeville. Brady had an assist and three shots on goal in a 4-2 loss to St. Thomas on Friday. Brady didn’t score while getting one shot on goal in a 4-0 victory over St. Thomas on Saturday. St. Johns will travel to Gustavus on Friday and host Gustavus on Saturday.

Nick Garmen, is a freshman playing basketball and tennis at the University of Minnesota Morris. Nick didn’t play in an 85-76 victory over Northland (Wis) on Saturday. Morris played Crown on Wednesday.
Morris will travel to St. Scholastica on Saturday and host Martin Luther on Wednesday.

Aleece Durbin, is a Sophomore on the University of North Dakota Women’s Track and Field team. Aleece finished 9th in the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 9.30. She also finished ninth place in the triple jump with a jump of 33-11.5 at the South Dakota invite. UND will travel to the South Dakota State invite on Friday and Saturday.

Brita Fagerlund, is a Junior on the University of Jamestown Jimmy Women’s Track team. Brita finished 31st place in the weight throw with a throw of 38-10.5 at the NDSU invite. Jamestown will travel to the St. John’s/St. Ben’s invite on Saturday.

Ben Trostad is a sophomore member of the University of Minnesota Crookston golf team. UMC will start the spring portion of their schedule at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University invite in Prescott, Arizona March 7-10.

Isaac Westlake, is a Senior on the Winona State Warrior Men’s Golf team. Winona State will start the spring portion of their season at the Minot State Vegas inite March 6-7.

Elise Tangquist, is a Junior golfer for the University of Northwestern in St. Paul.

Mason LaPlante, a freshman, is playing soccer at the University of Jamestown.

Rachel Hefta, a freshman, is playing volleyball at Hastings College in Nebraska.

Cade Salentine is a redshirt Freshman playing football at the University of North Dakota

Crookston School District Coaches –
Jeremy Lubinski
 is a Pirate 8th Grade Football coach.
Amy Boll 
is the head Pirate Girls Track head coach and assistant volleyball coach
Sarah Reese 
is the Pirate Head Girls Soccer coach
Cody Brekken
 is the Head Pirate Girls and Boys Tennis coach and Crookston Community Pool Supervisor
Marley Melbye is the Head Girls Swimming coach
Mitch Bakken is the head Pirate Baseball coach.
Brock Hanson
 is the Pirate Baseball volunteer assistant coach.
Jeff Perreault 
is the Pirate Girls Golf head coach
Wes Hanson is the Pirate Wrestling Head Coach and assistant boys golf coach
Kevin Weber is a Pirate Boys Basketball volunteer assistant coach
Connor Morgan is the Pirate Boys Hockey assistant coach
Sam Melbye is the Pirate Boys J.V. Hockey coach
Chris Dufault is a youth wrestling Coach
Blake Fee is an assistant wrestling coach
Colton Weiland is an assistant wrestling coach

Non-Crookston High School coaching –

Cody Weiland is an assistant wrestling coach at Proctor/Hermantown

Kaylee Desrosier is a softball coach for Fargo Davies Middle School.

Justin Johnson is an assistant softball coach at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

Josh Edlund  is an assistant football coach and phy ed teacher at Flandreau, South Dakota.

Allison Lindsey Axness is Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach in Champlin Park

Jeff Olson is Head Wrestling coach and Head Baseball coach at Delano.

Jake Olson is an Assistant Football Coach and Head Boys Tennis coach at Delano.

Carmen (Kreibich) Johnson, is Head Volleyball coach at Little Falls High School.

Katy Westrom, is Head Girls Tennis Coach and Head Boys Tennis coach at Monticello High School.

Matt Harris, is a Director of Athletics at the British International School of Houston.

Marty Bratrud is the Superintendent and High School Principal at Westhope High School.

Gordie Haug is an assistant football coach at the University of Wyoming

Mike Hastings is the Minnesota State Mankato Men’s head Hockey coach

Mike Biermaier is the Athletic Director at Thief River Falls High School

Stephanie (Lindsay) Perreault works with the North Dakota State stats crew for Bison football and volleyball and basketball in the winter. Stephanie’s husband, Ryan, is the assistant director for the Bison media relations

Jason Bushie is the hockey athletic trainer at Colorado College

Chris Myrold is a Tennis Pro on Nevis Island in the West Indies

Kyle Buchmeier
 is a Tennis Pro at the Reed-Sweatt Family Tennis Center in Minneapolis

Jarrett Butenhoff is serving our country with the U.S. Navy

Joshua Butenhoff is serving our country on a Submarine with the Pacific Fleet with the US Navy.

Peter Cournia is a 2002 Crookston High School Graduate and also a grad of West Point and is currently is serving in the U.S. Army.

Erik Ellingson is serving our country with the U.S. Air Force at Minot.

Philip Kujawa class of 2004 from Crookston High School.  He is an Army recruiter in Rochester.

Scott Riopelle is head of Crookston Parks and Recreation

Rob Sobolik is the General Manager of the Fargodome

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for the comments and if you have anything to add or share, please e-mail or call.  Thanks for reading and listening to KROX RADIO and