The Crookston Housing and Economic Development Authority (CHEDA) board held a closed-door meeting Tuesday morning to continue the evaluation of Executive Director Craig Hoiseth from the January 28 meeting.

After the meeting board president, Kurt Heldstab said they are doing the evaluation and objective setting different from in years past. “Everything went well,” said Heldstab.  “It (the process) was different than the years past. Usually, after the first review, I’ve condensed all the notes, gotten them out to the board, and moved on.  There were a few things where I said we have to get these things out to Craig right away and the thought process for that.” 

Heldstab said they are fine-tuning the process and came up with some objectives for the next year.  “At the end of the meeting said he’s doing his job, let’s keep moving forward.  We’re going to also have a strategy meeting, come up with some ideas of ours that CHEDA is interested in,” said Heldstab.  “Talking to Mayor Stainbrook, I see the city is going to have a strategy meeting, and then we’re going to get together, shuffle the cards, and pick some priority projects, and move forward for 2020.”

Heldstab said the board would like to continue a few of the objectives they set for Hoiseth in 2019.  “A few things we’re going to carry forward into next year,” said Heldstab.  “One of them will be being down at KROX every first Monday of the month discussing CHEDA, how we’re moving forward and all that.  Otherwise, a couple of them will drop off, and then we’ll add new ones hopefully at the strategy meeting.”

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As for new objectives, Heldstab said the board would have a strategy meeting and use that to shape the objectives for Hoiseth. “We have nothing right now,” said Heldstab.  “We’re going to combine some of the strategy and see if that becomes an objective to him or just a strategy to the board on areas that maybe, might take more than a year. Otherwise, a good meeting and all board members say he’s doing what he’s been hired to do and moving forward.”

Heldstab confirmed that the board approved a raise of $1,500 for Hoiseth, citing the public housing project at Oak Court as a big part of his job. “Yeah, that was $1,500,” said Heldstab.  “I’ll reiterate that 60 percent of his salary is in EDA, the other 40 percent in housing.  Housing is a big deal.  Oak Court is a big project down there, and he’s doing fine, and his staff.  That is quite a workload for him.”