Bob O’Halloran, store manager, at the Crookston Hugo’s Family Marketplace presented a check Wednesday to Rachel LaFerriere, kitchen manager, at the Crookston Care and Share.  O’Halloran said the money was donated by customers at the registers over the period of one week.  “It was at the tills and was what the customers donated,” said O’Halloran.  “We did it for one week and they donated $224.25.”

LaFerriere said the donation will be used for a program called Boxes of Hope, which is supplementing the needs of Crookston in absence of a food shelf. “I started a program called Boxes of Hope,” said LaFerriere.  “We’re supplementing the needs of the community in the absence of a food shelf.  So, people get ahold of me either on social media, through my email, calling me, calling the Care & Share.  And we give out food boxes to people since there is such a huge need here.  This will be so great.  We already use a lot of the donations we receive from Hugo’s, so this will be a nice boost to add to those boxes.”

LaFerriere said anyone in need of a box or curious about the program can reach out to her in a variety of ways.  “You can find me on Facebook, that’s how many people get ahold of me,” said LaFerriere.  “Otherwise you can call the Care and Share at 281-2644 or my email is”

The Care and Share will also host a community meal on Tuesday, December 24 according to LaFerriere, who asked that anyone attending call ahead with the number of people joining them.  “On Christmas Eve at 3:00 p.m., we’ll be having a very large meal at the Care and Share,” said LaFerriere. “It’s open to the public.  Please give the Care and Share a call at 281-2644 and we just need to know numbers.  There will be games, music, and all types of food, so come and join us.”