Crookston High School Principal, Eric Bubna, wanted to update the community on what is going on at the high school.  His letter is below. 

All Hands on Deck

When you walk through the front doors of the high school, two things greet you: the first is a large pirate head on our brand new entry mat and the second is custom artwork on the tile.  The tile reads ‘Pirates: All Hands on Deck’.  I love that saying.  Growing up I often heard a similar phrase, ‘many hands make light work’.   Collaboration and teamwork are critical.

I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the exciting things that are happening at Crookston High School as we get started on the second quarter.  All of the areas in which we are finding success have something in common; they are a result of teamwork and collaboration.  They were developed by getting ‘All Hands on Deck’. 

First off, we are seeing some success in dealing with cellphones. The staff has been a team about tackling this issue in their classes.  We went into the school year with an emphasis on being consistent as a staff and ensuring that cellphones are not out during class.  The teamwork and consistency has made a big impact.

Secondly, our new middle school model that was developed by a team of teachers over the summer is running very well.  This year our seventh and eighth graders have separate lunches and passing times.  We have also developed a binder system and note-taking system that is being used across the classrooms to help students stay organized.  In an effort to create some rewards and incentives we will be rolling out an awards program in addition to having quarterly middle school field trips.   While our middle school model is still a work in progress, we are already pleased with what we’re seeing.

Third, CHS will be very focused on improving our communication with parents as we strive to implement our newly developed strategic plan.  We have a number of things we are putting in place to enhance our communication and help parents stay up to date with what’s happening at school.  We are also going to be reaching out and offering opportunities for you to get involved from time to time.  In an effort to not bombard your phone with calls and text messages, lots of our communication will be over email.  Please make sure your Skyward information has an accurate email account!

Lastly, we are seeing some success with the vaping.  Like most schools in the country, we are working hard to combat the national epidemic.  Polk County teamed up with us and did a lesson on the dangers of vaping for all the students at CHS. The lesson was delivered in individual classrooms rather than an auditorium so there could be more conversation along with question and answer.  The feedback from the students was excellent!  Also, Polk County and CHS will be hosting a community forum at the public library Tuesday (November 19) at 6:00 p.m.  It will be an opportunity for community members, parents, etc. to have a discussion about this very important topic.  We hope to see you there.

At the beginning of the school year, I asked each staff member to think of a word that summarizes what he or she wanted to focus on or accomplish this year.  Staff chose words like ‘connect’, ‘engage’, ‘patience’, etc.  My word was ‘teamwork’.  I work with an exceptionally talented staff.  They are some of the hardest working, brightest and most caring people I know.  As any coach will tell you, having talented individuals is good.  It’s even better to have talented individuals who know how to operate and function as a team.

The academic, social and emotional pressures that our youth face can really take a toll from time to time.  Helping young adults navigate adolescence is no small task and if we are going to do it successfully it’s going to take a team effort.  Thank you for supporting our schools!  All Hands on Deck and Go Pirates!