Highland Elementary School students in Crookston are celebrating National Education Week by writing essays about what Highland School means to them.  Some of the essays are listed below.

What Highland Means To Me – By: Teagan F.
This is all about what Highland means to me. Highland has many different opportunities and a variety of things to choose from. A few of those things are field trips, classroom parties, and a variety of subjects. I think they are very important things we get to do. We have fun field trips. My favorite field trip we went on was going to St. Paul last year in 4th grade. We got to go in a charter bus that we all raised money for. It was so exciting. We got to go to a restaurant and it was so awesome. We get to have classroom parties. Classroom parties, I think, help you by taking a break from our hard work. It so fun to just take a break from class.
A variety of subjects are taught to us. Some subjects that we get to do are vocabulary and gym every day. Some schools don’t even get a variety of subjects.
Highland has many opportunities for many different things, like many different subjects. My favorite field trip was going on a charter bus to St. Paul because it was like a classroom party.

What Highland School Means to Me – By Aubrey B.
Highland School is a school that a whole bunch of people go to and this is why I love Highland School. We get to go on field trips, I get to sing in the choir, and we get to play outside at recess. We get to go on field trips. I love going on field trips because we get to go to awesome places. I also like going on field trips because we get to see cool stuff.
I love singing in the choir. I love singing in the choir because I love singing. I also love choir because I have my friends with me.
I love playing outside at recess. I love playing at recess because I get to play games. I also love playing outside at recess because I get to play with my friends.
As you can see this is why Highland School is my most favorite school I have ever been to in my whole life. These are the reasons why there is a lot of people at our school. Do you agree?

What Highland Means to Me  –  By Avery
I love Highland School. It is an awesome school. Both my sister and I go to Highland. We both have a lot of friends and we both have a great time at Highland.
There are a lot of books provided at Highland and they are all awesome books. We have a big library full of a whole bunch of different genres and different authors. Each teacher also has a whole bunch of books in their classroom for everyone to read.
Highland has good and healthy food. If you don’t like the lunch you can also have a sun-butter sandwich or a salad. On most holidays we get dessert like cookies or a little cup of flavored ice cream.
Highland also has orchestra, choir, and band. In 4th grade you get the option of being in orchestra. In 5th grade, you get the option of being in band and/or choir. If you don’t have the money to buy an instrument you can borrow an instrument from the school.
At the end of every year if you have good grades you get to do the dunk tank. You get to try to dunk Mr. Trostad, Officer Rasicot, and even Mr. Emanuel. Your whole class will come outside to do it. Sometimes Mr.Trostad sprays us with the water.
Now you know a few things about Highland. Highland is a great school. I love all my teachers. I love all the great opportunities we get. I have a great time at Highland School.

What Highland Means to Me – By Ben
In my opinion, Highland is the best place to learn! Here are some reasons why Highland is great.
Highland has a fun and interesting band and orchestra program! Band is for 5th and 6th grade, while orchestra is for 4th, 5th and 6th grade. To me band and orchestra are a fun opportunity to learn to play a new instrument. We also have performances.
At the end of the year Highland brings in a dunk tank! We bring the dunk tank in to celebrate our year and accomplishments. Students get to dunk the principal and the school resource officer.
Highland has a gifted and talented club. This club does things that are more advanced for kids that need a challenge.
Highland holds Bingo every November. Bingo is a fundraiser for our school and a chance to have fun!
That is why I think Highland is the best place to learn.

Highland is A Great Place to Learn and Grow – By Sawyer A.
Highland is such a great place to grow and learn! There are many fun ways
to learn at Highland, the staff and teachers are friendly and happily help you learn.
There are so many fun ways to learn at Highland school like using iPads
Chromebooks. Sometimes we go to the large group room and learn about things.
There was a program a week or two ago when some had come to talk to us about energy and how we use it. We also have so many great teachers to help us learn.
The staff at Highland is very helpful and willing to help everybody. It’s nice when you walk by them then they usually say, “hi” or “how are you today?” If you ever got hurt Mrs. Coauette the school nurse would help and take care of you.
There are fun activities to attend at Highland. Like in March we get the opportunity to go swimming. We also sometimes watch movies in the classroom. Sometimes we get to go on big field trips, this year we get to go to Grand Rapids and I can’t wait.
That is why I think Highland is the best school to go to.

Highland is A Great Place to Learn – By Alaina G.
Highland is super great! At Highland the teachers help you so much!
The teachers are helpful when you are struggling, people at Highland are
great helpers, our janitors keep our classrooms looking great and we have
many specials we can go to.
I was struggling with long division and the teachers helped me master it. Now it’s actually kind of fun now that I know it. I was kind of having a hard time with everything in math that involves multiplication and division but the teachers helped me know it. Now I know a bunch of the multiplication facts off the top of my head. We do these multiplication 1-minute time tests and that really helped me learn a bunch and if you get one wrong you will take it again the next day and it’s easier than you think. I never thought that I would get past the sixes but I’m on the eight’s now.
The teachers at Highland are great helpers. When you are stuck on something you can ask a friend or your teacher. If you are on a problem if you just ask the teacher when he or she is not busy. The teachers go through the problem with the whole class in a group and show you a couple of tricks for it so you can do the one that’s easier for you.
When school is done the janitors clean our school. When we come to school the next day the whole school is clean. The floor from lunch is full of food and the next day it’s shiny clean. Sometimes our classrooms are full of paper, glue sticks, paper towels, and other stuff stuck in our carpet and she cleans and vacuums so there is nothing on the floor anymore. Our classroom looks great every morning.
Specials are so fun. There is music, computers, and if you can join orchestra, band or choir when you’re in 4th, 5th and 6th grade. At the end of the year, we get to do a music program for the school. I love Highland. It is a great place to grow!

Highland is a great place Essay – By: Xavier Mason
Highland is a great place to learn and grow because we do a lot of super fun stem projects. My favorite stem project was the Recess playground one. Some of the best stem projectshappen during our choose kind projects with the preschoolers. I like stem projects because they challenge my imagination but more importantly they challenge me. My teacher, Mrs. Uttermark, can get pretty creative with stem projects like apple rafts, building skeletons, playgrounds etc.
We also have a gifted and talented program which is super fun because we do a lot of escape rooms. My favorite escape room is carnival confusion. My least favorite escape room was the alien space race. I like the gifted and talented program because it challenges my knowledge and I learn how to be a team with my friends. These are the reasons I think Highland is a great place!

Highland is a great place to learn and grow because……By: Mykayla G
Highland is a great place to learn and grow because of all the teachers we have. They teach you so much from every subject. My teacher right now is Mrs.Uttermark. She is the best teacher you could ever ask for. She lets us do so many fun things. Here let me give you some ideas we do STEM projects, reading buddies, choose kind projects, field trips, swimming, and so much more.
All the staff here is so amazing because they work together. Someone who is really good at their job is the nurse. She fixes are cuts and burns. She also gives you some advice if you are having trouble breathing. That helps a lot. Another person good at their job are the cooks they cook really good food. Another reason they are good at their jobs is because they cook for 1st – 6th graders.
Everyone here is so nice that you will never be lonely. The kids let you play with them all the time. Some fun things that we all do around here are play force square, tetherball, kickball, football, tag, and so much more of you can just hang out with your friends. So you will always have somewhere to play.

Highland is a great place to learn and grow because… By: Brea L
Highland is a great place to learn and grow because of the teachers I’ve had at this school. They are kind, amazing, caring, and make things fun to learn. They also teach me a lot of helpful things I need for later on in life. At Highland, we get to have people come and do magic tricks or do science experiments which makes it fun to learn and fun to see. You can learn and grow by doing active listening and by paying close attention. These things help you to be able to do fun things. In Mrs. Uttermark’s classroom, we do many STEM projects. I like to do them because I think they help you learn in a fun way. It’s also fun to do mystery hangouts with kids from across the country/world. A mystery hangout it was when you Facetime and ask yes or no questions to figure out what state they live in. We also get to be a part of things like being in orchestra, band, and choir. Technology is also great for learning. We also have dash and dot robots in our classroom that help us to learn about coding. It’s always a great year at Highland. At the end of each year, if you have worked hard, you are included in the dunk tank. I will miss Highland when I have to leave because there are so many great things.

Highland is a great place – By: Alicia B
Highland is a great place to learn and grow because there is a lot of teamwork here. When we have something big, like the Veterans Day program a lot of people come to the school and it is fun.  A lot of people are kind because when I walk through the halls, I see a lot of people helping each other hang posters putting out tables and chairs and being helpful. When people are all working together, they are often singing. When we are in our classes, people can work alone, in pairs or in small groups. When this is happening, you see teamwork and compassion happening.  The teachers are always happy because people work together and are having a good time. When the bigger kids are in the hallway, they are good to each other because they show the little kids how to act in the hallway. Our school never gives up and that’s what makes Highland a great place.