Arrest/Fire Report – Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Northwest Regional Corrections Center announced the arrests of the following individuals:

Tevin Lawrence Gunderson, 25 of Twin Valley, for misdemeanor domestic assault. 

Dwayne Scott Lujan, 42 of Fosston, for felony domestic assault. 

Jakkar William Moreypope, 20 of Fosston, for misdemeanor domestic assault.

Audriauna Lucille Harper, 27 of Crookston, for felony malicious punishment of a child under four years old.

Carlos Alfredo Reyes, 29 of Crookston, for gross misdemeanor endangering a child through permitting or presenting the sale or possession of a controlled substance.

Kimberly Joyce Auginash, 35 of Brooks, for felony 5th-degree procurement, possession or control of a controlled substance.

Preston Brice Hamilton, 28 of Red Lake Falls, for misdemeanor driving after suspension of license.  Released on personal recognizance.

Steven Douglas Hannah, 64 of Fisher, for misdemeanor driving without an ignition interlock. Charges dropped.