The City of Crookston has been affixing new signposts to the pillars downtown in preparation for increased parking signage.  Each signpost will now hold both calendar parking and parking zone (time limit) signs.

City of Crookston Public Works Director Pat Kelly said he’s been working with Crookston Police Chief Paul Biermaier to clarify parking in the downtown district.  Kelly said the hope is increased signage will make winter snow removal easier. “Those are to add additional signs on the signpost,” said Kelly.  “So, all the signposts will have a calendar parking sign telling people what evenings and times they’re not allowed to park there.  Hopefully, this will help the Police and us during the winter for snow removal operations. And for street sweeping in the summer to clarify where you can park and what nights you can’t park.  So, the people living in the downtown district in apartments know what nights they can and can’t park on their street.”

Kelly said a few people do get tickets or towed throughout the winter and the increased signage will hopefully clear up the parking situation for everybody.  “We get people that do get tickets during the winter,” said Kelly.  “The Police are very good about trying to get ahold of people downtown to let them know when we are doing snow removal.  Sometimes you don’t do that.  And it will help clarify the situation for everybody.”

Each signpost will also get a parking zone sign stating how long you can park in that area added Kelly.  “There bottom sign on all the posts will be the calendar parking sign,” said Kelly.  “And then there will be a sign right above that will say what the parking zone is.  So, either a two-hour zone or 15-minutes.  Or some blocks have a 12-hour zone parking.  So, that will clarify that to everybody, so they know if they can park there a couple of hours or all afternoon.”

New signposts will have both a calendar parking sing (foreground) and a zone parking sign (background)