The City of Crookston is entering the budget season as they prepare for their 2020 budgets.  In addition to the regularly scheduled Ways & Means Committee meetings, there will be two special meetings on August 5 and August 19.

City of Crookston Finance Director Angel Weasner said department heads will be going through their budgets with the Crookston City Council during those meetings. “Every week on Monday at 7:00 p.m. we will be having Ways & Means meetings,” said Weasner.  “The first and third meetings of the month are special.  We will be reviewing budgets beginning with the Parks & Rec, Public Works budgets on August 5.  The department head will present their budgets to the council with line-by-line detail available to be reviewed.  We will continue that process until August 26, and if we need to have any extra discussion, we have time during the first full week of September.  The preliminary levy needs to be set on September 9.”

Park and Recreation, along with Public Works, are the two largest budgets for the City comprising about 24 different departments.  “Those are our two largest budgets,” said Weasner.  “Parks & Rec has approximately twelve departments.  The Public Works budget has approximately twelve departments plus two special enterprise funds.”

Budget reviews will follow the regular Ways & Means meeting agendas on August 12 and 26.  “There will be regular work still,” said Weasner.  “We do have a couple of presentations that will be done on August 12. Following all the regular work, we will do some smaller budgets that need to be reviewed.”