The Crookston Area Chamber and the United Way Board of Directors donated and dedicated trees to Landslide Park on Tuesday morning.  The trees were dedicated in honor of the members of the Chamber and donors to the United Way according to Chamber Executive Director Terri Heggie.  “We dedicated two trees in honor of our chamber members and for the United Way for all the people that give up their time and the donors to help support everything the United Way does,” said Heggie. “We know that our Chamber members and community members help grow our community.  Landslide Park is such a beautiful area.  With that flagpole that went up, we thought those two trees would be a beautiful backdrop for those that come in and look at that spot. We’re hoping that maybe other service clubs or community members will look at dedicating a tree and beautifying that park even more.”

United Way Executive Director Lori Wagner said the board members donated the tree as a dedication to United Way Donors.  “The board members decided to each pitch in for this tree that we got a D & D Thomforde’s,” said Wagner.  “It kind of frames the flag that Kirk Luckow put up.  We’re really proud to be able to do that.  One thing I think the board would like to ask if that if other non-profits or businesses or maybe in honor of a family member talk to the Park Board about putting up trees.  I think they would be more than happy to help you out with putting trees there.  I think that is such a lovely place.  We were very happy to put a tree there, help Crookston grow, and make our parks more beautiful.”