The front of Highland Elementary got a new look this week as teachers, school board members and staff removed the grass between the front doors and planted shrubs and bushes amongst a bed of wood chips.  Highland Elementary School Principal Chris Trostad said it’s a pleasant update to the front of the building giving the school a more appealing look. “Andrea Ingersoll has had this idea for quite some time and pushed it, and we’re grateful to her,” said Trostad.  “Many years ago I think Highland School had flowers planted in front of it and over the years the plants kind of went away and it became grass with the kids walking on it.  We thought you know what, we can make this look nice and spice up our building.  So Andrea Ingersoll, a group of teachers and even school board member Dave Davidson helped out.  We dug it out, put landscaping fabric down and put in some shrubs and other plants or bushes that aren’t annual to establish itself and look nice while giving a very appealing look to the front of Highland School.”

Trostad said that Superintendent Jeremy Olson talked about increasing the curb appeal to the schools and Andrea Ingersoll put together the update for Highland. “I think Dr. Olson came to town and gave us a different look,” said Trostad.  “You know, like hey the front of the building isn’t very appealing.  I think sometimes you get that outsiders view and you don’t realize it until they say it.  He’s really good about trying to spice our buildings up, make them very appealing.  He’s all about making everything in our school as best as possible and has a great focus.  He was super excited about the idea that Andrea came up with, and then a bunch of teachers jumped on board.  It took us about two hours, and we got it all put together with some nice cedar wood chips.  It smells good and looks good.  And it is a nice addition to the school.”

Also helping with planting the new bed were Sarah Pester, Kim Davidson and Tina Leach with help from Hardware Hank, D & D Floral and R.J. Zavoral & Sons.