All the results are in from testing the trust bridges built by sixth-grade students in Dan Halland’s class.  It would definitely seem there are some future engineers over at Highland Elementary School.
Mr. Halland said that the previous record for weight was about 150 lbs held by two previous bridges.  The pair of Georgia Sanders and Jameson Alzalde blew past that mark Monday afternoon when their bridge finally collapsed with 177 lbs of weight.  

The new record didn’t last long however as on Tuesday the bridge constructed by Naomi Olson and Madison Halland eclipsed the 200 lb mark collapsing with 205 lbs of weight.  

Mr. Halland’s Class Truss Bridge Competition

Bridge Type Weight Held Competitors
Modified Brown Truss 171.9 g 34.8 lbs Malakai Hansen
Aaron Boreman
Modified Bailey Truss 154.3 g 99.7 lbs Mariah Overgaard
Riley Helgeson
Brown Truss 187.2 g 118.5 lbs Carley Knutson
Addy Pal
Warren/K Truss 180.4 g 123.5 lbs Kaylie Clausen
Grace Alexander
Brown Truss 173.9 g 71.0 lbs Jaelyn Johnson
Jack Everett
Warren/Whipple Truss 175.9 g 177.0 lbs Georgia Sanders
Jameson Alzalde
Allen/Brown Truss 170.9 g 52.6 lbs Matthew Contreras
Joey Nesseth
Allen Truss 160.9 g 114.4 lbs Maya Aguilar
Adrienne Olson
Through Truss 119.1 g 134.4 lbs Kendra Overgaard
Parker Kelly
Brown Truss 170.5 g 205.0 lbs Naomi Olson
Madison Halland
Howe Truss 184.9 g 147.2 lbs Michael Bochow
Samantha Sanchez
Brown Truss 161.1 g 117.0 lbs Tessa Weber
Ryan Street
Warren/Brown Truss 160.5 g 76.8 lbs Bradyn Pederson
Bryan Deleon
Bailey Truss 172.1 g 67.0 lbs Addie Fee
Brandon Colborn
Modified Bailey/Bowstring 156.0 g 57.6 lbs Chase Larson
Lucas Hall


Students in Mrs. Scholler’s class will test their bridges Wednesday and Mrs. Stegman’s class will test their bridges on Friday.