Arrest/Fire Report – Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Northwest Regional Corrections Center announced the arrests of the following individuals:

Tyler Allen Wiese, 28 of St. Paul, for felony 3rd-degree possession of methamphetamine in a school, park, public housing zone. 

Michael Ray Ward, 37 of Erskine, for felony 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Fire calls:

At 7 a.m. Monday, the Crookston Fire Department was called to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of University Avenue and North Acres Drive, where a trapped individual had to be rescued from a vehicle, then assisted with clean-up, paperwork, and took pictures.

At 3:24 p.m., they responded to a power pole on fire in the alley between 2nd and 3rd Avenues North. They stood by to keep everyone safe until the power company crew affected repairs.

At 7:54 p.m. they were called to the 300 block of South Ash where people trimming trees thought they had downed power lines; it turned out to be old phone lines that had been there for some time. Better safe than sorry.