The Crookston Pirate Girls Track team was one of the four teams to earn a wild card and will be one of the 12 teams to compete at the Minnesota Track and Field Coaches Association True Team meet at Stillwater High School on Saturday, May 18.  The Class A meet will begin at 10:00 a.m.
Crookston finished second place, less than 20 points behind West Marshall in the Section 8A True Team meet and the Crookston coaches weren’t thinking they would make the state meet as a wild card, but the expanded field of four wild cards worked in favor of Crookston making the meet as the fourth and final wild card.  Pirate Girls Track Coach Amy Boll was fishing and away from a computer while on the lake, so she didn’t know that the team had made it when KROX called.   “I am so excited…..are you kidding me,” said Coach Boll, who had just caught a fish when KROX’s Chris Fee called. “I am so excited for the girls….oh my goodness….that is so exciting.”  Coach Boll said they will start planning for next weekend and will skip the Ada-Borup meet on Thursday and leave for Stillwater on Saturday.
This is the second year in a row the Crookston Girls will compete at the state true team meet.  Last year, Crookston finished eighth out of 12 teams.
The State True Team teams are listed below.

The eight section champions were as follows –
Section 1A – Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland
Section 2A – Minnesota Valley Lutheran
Section 3A – Canby/Minneota
Section 4A – Maple Lake
Section 5A – Minnewaska Area
Section 6A – Pelican Rapids
Section 7A – Mesabi East
Section 8A – West Marshall
The four wild cards are Lanesboro/Fillmore Central (1515.5 points), Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (1512.5 points), Barnesville (1485 points) and Crookston (1402 points).