ATHLETE OF THE WEEK – Kylie Solheim and Rachel Hefta

The KROX/Drafts Sports Bar and Grill Athletes of the week this week are Crookston Pirate Girls Basketball seniors, Kylie Solheim and Rachel Hefta.

Solheim and Hefta are the only two seniors on the team and they have stepped up their play in the playoffs and have led the Pirates to the Section 8AA championship game on Friday.  “They mean everything to the team.  They have been very solid for their entire careers and we are seeing a different side of them as seniors,” said Pirate Girls Basketball Coach Darin Zimmerman. “They have played hard all year and they have stepped up at playoff time.”

Kylie is in her fourth year of varsity and has saved the best for last.  In the first three playoffs games, Kylie has scored 40 points, grabbed 19 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 steals, leading the team in scoring in two of the three games.  She is a steady, calming presence on the floor and in the locker room and has played the best basketball of her career in the postseason of her senior year.  “She has had a good year and is one of the best shooters on the team,” said Coach Zimmerman. “What sort of gets lost is all the little things she does.  She is the first one to a loose ball, she comes up with big rebounds, she can go out and guard and she can take the ball to the rim.  She does all the little things well.”    
Kylie was named all-conference honorable mention as a junior.   
In Volleyball, she has been named to the All-Conference team this fall and was named to the Honorable mention team.
Kylie is also a member of the Student Council, LEO Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, and teaches Sunday School at church.
Kylie was also the first recipient of the Choice Therapy Student-Athlete of the month for September.

Rachel is in her third year of playing varsity and is also wrapping up her career with a bang.  In the three playoff games, she has scored 30 points, grabbed 19 rebounds, and added 8 assists and 7 blocks.  She has become a force in the paint on both ends of the floor and has led her team to the section championship game. “Rachel has really turned it on in the last month and a half,” said Coach Zimmerman. “She is taking the ball to the rim strong and is becoming a force right now.”
Rachel is a three-sport athlete and played varsity volleyball for three years and she was a member of the Northern Volleyball Academy last summer. 
Rachel is also a member of the Pirate Girls Track team and has been on the varsity since seventh grade.  She runs the 400, 200 and also competes in the high jump.
She is a member of the student council, National Honor Society and Honor Roll.  She was also honored with the Choice Therapy Student-Athlete of the month.

First started playing basketball-
Kylie –
Kindergarten or First grade
Rachel –
Kindergarten or First grade

Favorite thing about basketball
Kylie – Teammates and our fans
Rachel –
Teammates and everyone involved

The best part of your game –
Kylie –
Rachel –

Parts that still needs work –
Kylie –
Finishing and defense
Rachel –
Shooting, and finishing

Toughest player you have faced
Kylie – Kiley Borowicz (Roseau and now MSU-Moorhead)
Rachel –
Tianna Nicholson (TRF and now UND)

Biggest thrill in your athletic career so far

Kylie – Making it to the section basketball championship
Rachel –
Making it to the section basketball championship

Do you have a pre-match ritual –
Kylie –
Talk to Hayden Winjum and Emma Borowicz about the opponent
Rachel –
Put two ponytails in

Favorite sport

Kylie – Volleyball
Rachel –

Favorite sports team

Kylie – Timberwolves
Rachel –
Oregon Women’s Basketball

Favorite athlete –
Kylie – Karl Anthony Towns (Timberwolves)
Rachel –
 Sabrina Lonescu (Oregon)

Last Movie You’ve Seen –
Kylie –
Uncle Drew
Rachel –
How to Train Your Dragon 3

Favorite TV Program –
Kylie – Grey’s Anatomy
Rachel –

Favorite Food –
Kylie – Tacos
Rachel –
Chicken Alfredo

What music are you listening to –
Kylie – Anything
Rachel –

Something about you that people don’t know – I am double jointed in eight of my fingers
Kylie – I had ankle surgery last summer
Rachel –
I have a cat that acts like a dog and I love her

Your stranded on a deserted island and you can have ANY three people with you –
Kylie – Sydney Anderson, Hayden Winjum and Emma Borowicz
Rachel –
Behr Grylls, Kylie Solheim, and Michael Hefta

Plans after graduation
Kylie – Go to Concordia College to play volleyball.  Get an undergrad in Athletic Training
Rachel –
Play volleyball in college somewhere

Kylie’s Family
Dad –Scott (Best Buy Liquors)
Tracy (Northwestern Mental Health Center)
Sisters –
Hayley (At Northwestern in St. Paul for chiropractor degree)
Shelby (A CNA at RiverView)
Brother –  Seth (A CNA at RiverView)

Rachel’s Family-
Dad –
Greg (Mechanical Engineer)
Lori (Physical Therapist at RiverView Health)
Sister –
  Kathryn (Speech Pathologist in Wyoming)
Brother –  Michael (Senior at UND, majoring in Chemical Engineering)