Police/Fire Report – March 4, 2019

The Northwest Regional Corrections Center announced the arrests of the following individuals:

Sabrina Noel Suggs, 21 of Fosston, for misdemeanor contempt of court on March 1, willful disobedience of a court mandate.  Released on personal recognizance. 

Sabrina Noel Suggs, 21 of Fosston, for misdemeanor contempt of court on March 2, willful disobedience of a court mandate.

Koddy Lane Platow, 21, for misdemeanor contempt of court, willful disobedience of a court mandate.

Dorie Denise Anderson, 50 of Crookston, for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Lisa Marie Cook, 47 of Red Lake, for felony 5th-degree drug sale of marijuana mixture.

Ryan Oliver Aune, 27 of Fertile, for felony 3rd-degree drug possession of amphetamine in school, park or public housing zone.

Mohamed Omar Sharif, 23 of Blacklick, Ohio, for a felony probation violation. 

Natalie Rose Brisson, 38, for a parole violation. Released to another authority.

Marvin Donald Bale, 51, for a parole violation.  Released to another authority.

Fire Calls –

At approximately 5:08 pm on Saturday, March 2 the Grand Forks Fire Department responded to a report of an oven fire located at 1422 S 10th Street. The initial dispatched indicated that the residents had used a fire extinguisher on the fire.

When fire crews arrived on scene the house had been evacuated and smoke alarms were sounding. Fire crews entered the building and found a small fire contained to the oven that was still burning. Using an extinguisher, fire crews extinguished the remaining fire. The stove was then removed from the house. The fire had started due to a mulfuncting heating element. There were no injuries to the residents or fire crews.  Damage was contained to the oven and some cleanup will be necessary. 

The Grand Forks Fire Department Responded with 17 personnel, 5 engines, 1 ladder truck, and 1 command vehicle. Grand Forks Police Department and Altru Ambulance were on scene assisting.