Disclaimer-you never know what life has in store. As I embark on leaving Crookston High School for my student teaching in the Fertile-Beltrami School District, I have so many people to thank. Crookston High School administration took a chance on me that I would be able to fill a void in the Crookston School District. We crafted a plan back in the fall of 2016, which included getting a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Education from University of Minnesota-Crookston (UMC). On no level was that plan easy to accomplish for the two+ years it has been going on.

Want to thank my family, for supporting me and helping out when they could. Ann has been the best and works extremely hard and had to take on extra to cover when I was at class or studying at UMC. Having 3 children, going to college, teaching and maintaining sanity is tough.

Without out the support of Eric Bubna-CHS Principal, Chris Bates-former Superintendent, Lyle Westrom-UMC Professor, Crookston School Board, along with more recently Jeremy Olson-Current Superintendent and Richard Johnson-UMC Professor, the goal of graduating to continue teaching at CHS would not be attainable.

UMC has been wonderful collaborating on the classes that I needed to complete, all the professors were made aware of the situation in which I was attending class at UMC and teaching at CHS and they did not disappoint me. I could not have asked for a better situation.

CHS Admin and staff have been wonderful. Accommodations had to be made for my schedule at CHS to take classes at UMC. Not to say it was always easy, but we made it work. I appreciate the teachers that moved some classes to fit my classes at UMC. I appreciate the substitutes that have been able to cover my classes.

I look forward to being a husband, father and teacher. I look forward to building the best program I feel I can build at CHS. I look forward to adding new classes and tweaking existing classes to give my students the best experience I can provide. I want the parents and community to know that I am always approachable about my classes, their kids and the projects we work on.