The Park Board had requested Parks and Recreation Director Scott Riopelle look at a second location in the City of Crookston for an outdoor rink back in November.  At the December meeting, Riopelle told the board they would put in a second rink at Wildwood Park and the crews have started to lay ice both there on the outdoor rink at the Crookston Sports Center says, Riopelle. “The park crews are out making ice now that the weather is being cooperative, and it’s cooled down after battling moving snow and it getting a little warm last week,” said Riopelle.  “We’ve been getting coats on at Wildwood and here at the Sports Center.  The outdoor skating trail is skate-able though in Central Park and hopefully, if the weather stays decent we should be up and running fairly soon.”

Riopelle also said the Sports Center is getting plenty of use with tournaments from the Blue Line Club. “The Blue Line Club is hosting tournaments each weekend this month.  Last week we had the 12U, this week we have Bantam B, then a 10U and Peewee B this month,” said Riopelle.  “In early February, we’ll have a Mite Jamboree in here and end the season with the 12U A Regional, Olympic Region.  We also host the Girl’s High School Playoffs this year as well.”

Upcoming Hockey Tournaments in the Crookston Sports Center
January 11-13 Bantam B Tournament
January 18-20 10U Tournament
January 25-27 Peewee B Tournament
February 9 Section 8A Girl’s Hockey Semifinals
February 14 Section 8A Girl’s Hockey Final
February 16 Mite Jamboree
March 1-3 12U Olympic Region