Among the agenda items for Monday night’s Crookston Ways and Means committee meeting is a RiverView building project to the tune of $39 million for a 70,000 square foot project.  “RiverView continues to explore the feasibility of a new Inpatient Hospital Unit and clinics,’’ shared Carrie Michalski, RiverView President/CEO.  “We are now seeking City of Crookston and Polk County governmental support to access $33 million in low-interest loan funds through the USDA.’’

The Inpatient Unit portion of RiverView’s main building has served the community since the 1950s, but its age and limitations are recognized as a growing concern. The RiverView Board of Directors is looking at the retirement of the space with a renewed investment in an improved Inpatient Unit that will enhance care and better accommodate the needs of patients, their families, and RiverView’s care team.  The addition will be attached to the 2001 building addition.
RiverView’s frontline staff, physicians, and leadership have been working on plans for replacement facilities for over 18 months. Securing financing is the last piece in making the project a reality for the community.