Lost and Found

To get something on the Lost and Found list – email or call 281-1140.

Found 7-1-19
Verizon Cell Phone found on highway 18, between Red Lake Falls and Crookston on 7-30-2019, to claim can text 218-289-0743.  Still works.

Lost 6-29-19
Keys for a Toyota with a red colored fob.  If found call 218-281-4179.

Lost 6-22-2019
Silver-colored small Canon camera.  281-4179

Found 6-20-19
A woman’s huffy bike left on the bike trail near Tri-Valley transportation. Pickup at Tri-Valley transportation.

Found 6-10-19
Set of keys 4 miles East of Gentilly, contact 218-289-1475

Lost 5-31-2019
A Ford key fob was lost either in Grand Forks or Crookston. If you find this Ford key fob please call 218-281-1759.

Found 5-30-19
An 18V Black and Decker battery charger was found in the street on Broadway and Robert. If this is your charger, you can claim it at the KROX studios.

Found 5-29-19
An all-black cat near the Villa nursing home in Crookston. This cat been domesticated and is very friendly. If it’s yours or if you would like to adopt, it please call 218-289-3665.

Lost 5-27-19
A ring with gold band, black and turquoise stones. Call 218-289-1244 or 218-289-1053

Lost 5-14-19
Batteries, apparently fell out of an open tailgate between Mentor and Crookston. 218-469-1903

Found 5-10-19
Eyeglasses in Renu Dental parking lot, claim at the dental office.

Found 5-6-19
A set of keys was lost near the Court House. If found, please call 281-4375

Found 5-6-19
A Wells Fargo cinch sack was found in a front yard on 7th Avenue South in Crookston over the weekend. If yours, call 218-289-0846

Found 5-4-19
A lady’s ring at U of MN Crookston in the Lysaker gym.  Silver band with green stone.  If this is yours, call 218-289-2237

Found 4-28-19
A pair of glasses in a black & white case was found on South Main Street near Sunopta on Sunday. They were turned in to KROX.

Lost 04-14-19
Brown Labrador with orange collar, south of Crookston near 310th Street. Call Kay 218-289-1246.

Lost 04-13-19
Mostly black dog, some white in the chest, answers to Lola.  218-289-1881

Lost 03-28-19
A leather handmade beaded butterfly hair clip that’s about three to four inches long and is in a clear plastic bag was lost at Taco John’s. If you’ve seen this hair clip please call 218-289-0701.

Found 03-12-19
Portable ice house on county road 11, please contact with details if you think it’s yours. 218-289-5597.

Found 03-12-19 (around 3:00 p.m.)
A small Yorkie looking dog was spotted near the Crookston Swimming Pool parking lot.

Lost 02-23-19 (around 7 p.m.)
Red thick plastic gas container fell off the back of a vehicle somewhere between the 200 block of Lincoln Ave and SunOpta, Crookston.  Would appreciate its return if found.  Thank you.  Call or text 218-280-8654

Lost: 2/20/19
Golden Retriever, goes by the name of Peter, south of Crookston in the Hwy 75 and 280th Av SW area. 218-289-6652

Found: 2/12/19
A woman’s ring, call and describe to claim. 218-277-0543

Found: 1/9/19
A male dog, brown in color and looks like he might be part German Shepherd, was found on South Nelson in Crookston. He doesn’t have any collar or tags. If this sounds like it might be your dog, call 218-289-0378.

Lost : 1/8/19
Black John Deere Snowblower cover blew away from the neighborhood up from the fire station if found please call 218-289-3240

Lost: 1/6/19
An Astro Start remote starter and a car remote to lock and unlock the car was lost on second street on the south side of Bremer Bank. A reward is being offered if found. 

Found: 12/27/18

A young black cat with some white on the belly on South Minnesota Street. It was trying to stay warm on top of our wood stove. Very friendly, potty trained and not afraid of dogs. Call 289-3547 or 289-6107 to claim.

Found:  12/20/18
A Longhaired cat with Mainecoon markings near Highland School; very friendly, would like to get her home for Christmas. Please call to identify 281-5703.

Found:  12/19/18
A woman’s purse in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It has been turned into the store Kiosk.

Found:  12/19/18
Small black female Pomeranian found 4 miles west of the beet plant along the river road. I currently have her at my house and taking care of her till we can try and find the owners. Please call 218-205-6900

Found:  11/14/18
A neutered black cat, 2 to 5 months old, 5 miles south of Warren along hwy 75. Call or text 218-371-7200

Lost:  11/13/18
Orange Echo leaf blower, somewhere between the fire hall and the Woods Addition. If found, please call 280-4722 or 289-2131

Found:  11/7/18
Someone turned in a key fob for a Hyundai to the Crookston Police Department. The fob was found in the Summerfield Apartment (Barrette St/St Mary’s Dr) parking lot. Can be claimed at the Police Department.

Found:  11/5/18
A men’s wedding band was found on the floor of the Tax Payer Service Center in Crookston.  It can be claimed at the Administrator’s Office at 612 N Broadwa

Found: 10/30/18
A dog that is primarily white with black ears and a black spot wearing a black collar with no tags that appears to be a pit bull mix and is under one year old was found near 5th and Sunflower in the alley. If this is your dog please call 218-289-6702.

Found: 10/26/18
A cat has wandered onto a farm 5 miles Northeast of Gentilly, between Red Lake Falls and Gentilly.  Cat is mostly gray with some white spots.  Very friendly.  If this is your cat call 218-289-7271.

Found: 10/04/18
Two dogs one chocolate lab pointer cross one healer black lab cross with white spot on chest white paws no collars found by bypass on highway 2 east of Crookston if these are your dogs you can call the Crookston Humane Society 218-281-7225