KROX Radio is recording the Noon Newscasts again and are available on this page.  

KROX has had many requests for the Noon News online.   We will now offer the newscasts for download to your computer. There are two ways to get the newscasts online.  

1. You can double click on the day that you want to listen to.
2.  Put your cursor over the day you want and right click then hit save target as to download the newscast on to your computer to listen when you are able.

The downloads will take a couple minutes as the newscast is usually about 25 minutes long.  The download times will vary.

Newscasts will be on the page up to one month after original broadcast


Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday, April 20
      Tuesday, April 21      Wednesday, April 22      Thursday, April 23        Friday, April 24

Monday, April 13
      Tuesday, April 14      Wednesday, April 15      Thursday, April 16        Friday, April 17

Monday, April 6
        Tuesday, April 7        Wednesday, April 8        Thursday, April 9        Friday, April 10

Monday, March 30
        Tuesday, March 31        Wednesday, April 1        Thursday, April 2        Friday, April 3         

Monday, March 23        Tuesday, March 24        Wednesday, March 25        Thursday, March 26        Friday, March 27

Monday, March 16        Tuesday, March 17        Wednesday, March 18         Thursday, March 19        Friday, March 20




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