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TUESDAY - APRIL 10,  2007

The Crookston School Board met Monday afternoon with a big crowd attending the meeting and had one teacher and a former teacher express concerns about the move of seventh graders to the High School.  Current teacher Dave Davidson started his comments by reading the Crookston Schools Mission statement that is as follows:
The all-important element for which the school exists is the student. All action taken and all decisions made must have as their focal point student benefit. Everything we do, and all of our policies, programs and activities must exist for the welfare of our students.

Davidson added after reading the mission statement,  "The district reconfigurations that have been discussed don't seem to fit into the plan of the mission statement very well."  Davidson had a proposal for the School Board, saying, "I think, that what we need to do, is to have a public forum.  I think the public forum needs to be moderated and broadcast by KROX.  I think it needs to be advertised in advance and I think you need to give everybody in the community a chance to voice their opinion publicly and on the record, in terms of how they feel about this."  Davidson said if the school board did that they would get a lot of good information and it would be a fair and prudent way to go.  Davidson reiterated that moving the seventh graders to the high school to the High School "It needs to be discussed by the public.  There are people finding out about this for the first time.  You need to hear from the people."  Davidson reminded the board that when the high school was built it was built specifically that seventh and eight graders would not be in the same building as high school students.  Davidson ended by saying "I think the public is going to be upset once they hear of this plan."

Former teacher Bud Ellingson (pictured left) said he favored the seventh and eighth grade at the High School, but Ellingson said, "I only favor it if they are given a separate schedule.  We cannot run them together with the seventh through twelve, it hasn't proven in the past.  I can't see how this would be something beneficial to our seventh graders and that of course is part of the mission statement."  Ellingson urged the school board to delay the action of moving the seventh graders to the High School to the Fall of 2008.  Ellingson added there are several reasons, "We need a separate schedule for seventh and eighth and in doing so we not only have to involve the students, but the staff.  We used to spend quite a bit of time in the summer anytime we would make adjustments and they would come up with some real good points."  Ellingson said in the past they have been very sensitive to the seventh grade level and that the parents certainly have to be involved and informed.  At the conclusion of his comments Ellingson was greeted by applause by most in attendance.

The School Board started off the meeting by deciding to take the  - (APPROVE a resolution DISCONTINUING and REDUCING Educational Programs and POSITIONS) off the agenda and have a DISCUSSION on the topic at an upcoming school board meeting. 

Harold Bjorgo asked if it would be possible if the meetings could be held at a later time because 4:30 p.m. was a little early and many people don't get off work until 5:30.  The school board said they will discuss it at a later date. 

School Board member ended the meeting getting a laugh out of the people in attendance by saying he hoped that the people in attendance would come back to a meeting when they are a little more boring. 


Farm Safety Day in Crookston is set for April 12th and 13th at the Crookston Civic Arena. 250 sixth graders from Crookston, Fisher, Climax, Red Lake Falls and Win-e-Mac will experience safety demonstrations from local businesses and agencies. Subjects to be covered include: Small engine-lawn mower safety, animal safety, first aid, sun safety, fire arms safety, ATV safety, electrical Safety, fire safety, and grain handling. There will be PTO demonstration and Rollover Simulator at 1:20 p.m. each day. Sponsors include Farm Credit Foundation, CASE IH, State Farm Insurance, Kawasaki, John Deere, Pioneer/Dupont, Toyota, Monsanto, Shell Lubricants and Bunge.


PKM Electric Cooperative annual meeting is set for Saturday, April 14 at the Warren Alvarado School in Warren. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. with coffee and donuts in the cafeteria. Movies and daycare will be provided by PKM. Early Bird drawings will be at 9:50 a.m. and the meeting will be called to order by President Ronald Reitmeier at 10:00 a.m. prize drawings will be at 11:00 and winners must be present to win. A meal will be served at 11:30 by the PKM Directors in the school cafeteria.


The annual Crookston community prayer breakfast will be held at Mount St. Benedict Center on Saturday, April 14 with serving beginning at 7:30 a.m. Dr. Bruce Ring will bring the message on prayer and healing. Pastor Steve Anderson will lead the prayer time. Crookston High School and UMC fellowship of Christian Athletes will participate and receive a check for FCA projects. Everyone from the community is invited to participate and have breakfast for a five dollar donation. Crookston Men’s Christian Fellowship is the event sponsor.


The Warren Volunteer Fire Department will host their 115th annual firemen’s ball and smorgasbord on Saturday, April 14 at the American Legion in Warren. They will be serving from a table full of great food from 5 to 8 p.m. Dancing to live music will follow from 9 to 1. Cost is $8 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under. Everyone is welcome.




MONDAY - APRIL 9,  2007

Dr. Robert Bruininks, University of Minnesota President, gave his state of the U address last week and Dr. Charles Casey, UMC chancellor liked what he heard as it pertained to the Crookston campus acknowledging their accreditation for the next ten years and the success of their online classes.

The legislature is working on a bonding bill which could affect the UMC campus when it comes to maintenance necessary on campus. Renewing the Lysaker gym floor is included in this project to be done this summer. The wellness center is off in the distance and more study will be done to get it prepared for approval and they will also look at dormitory needs. Dr. Casey said “Robertson Hall will be demolished as soon as the weather permits this spring and some buildings will have windows replaced and drainage problems on campus will be worked on over the summer.”


A home in the flood plain on South Ash Street in Crookston gets demolished Monday.
The home was bought out and the city removed it Monday.  They also removed another
house on the corner of Broadway and Loring that was handed over to the city to demolish.


The annual Voyageur Trails District Adult Leader Recognition Banquet was recently held at The Eagles Club in Thief River Falls. Certificates of Appreciation were given to various Scout Leaders, District Committee Members, Commissioners, Event Chairpersons, Cubmasters and Scoutmasters. Michael Masseth, District Commissioner; Bill Barthold, District Chair; and Greta Kovar, District Executive; made the presentations.

The following recognition awards, based on nominations from fellow scouters, were also presented:
- District Award of Merit, the highest award that a volunteer scouter can earn on the district level was presented to Kim Tunheim, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 59 in Thief River Falls and to Michael Masseth, District Commissioner. 

The following other District Awards were also presented:
-Scouter of the Year Award to Bob Torkelson, District Activities Chair, Crookston
-Scoutmaster of the Year Award to John Braastad, Troop 59, Thief River Falls
-Cubmaster of the Year to Curt Huot, Pack 57 Thief River Falls and to Nick Johnson, Pack 50 Warren
-Den Leader of the Year Award to Gene Roller, Pack 50 Warren and Mindy Piersol, Pack 52 Red Lake Falls
-Webelos Leader of the Year Award to Don Johanneck and David Miller, Pack 52 Red Lake Falls.


Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Polk County Emergency Management Office is honoring their 911 dispatchers as part of National Telecommunicator’s Week. In 1991, Congress adopted a resolution proclaiming the second full week of April as National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week which recognizes the dedication of the 200,000 plus men and women who serve as telecommunicators nationwide.
Polk County’s seven 911 dispatchers handle emergency and non-emergency telephone calls for the police, fire and ambulance agencies that serve our county. Last year they dispatched over 18, 000 calls for service. Of those, 1,479 were 911 calls.
They are also responsible for monitoring the security for both the adult correctional facility as well as the juvenile detention center.
For Polk County, they dispatch to five ambulance services, 13 fire departments (first responders) and eight police departments (full & part-time).

Many dispatchers all across the U.S. believe public education is needed in what we feel are the three most important issues with 911: 1) what constitutes a 911 emergency, 2) calling 911 from a cell phone and 3) the importance of knowing where you are when making a report.
911 is for use in emergencies only. It is to be used when someone needs a fire, police or ambulance response right away because of a threat to health, safety or property. If you are ever in doubt of whether the situation is an emergency you should call 911. It’s better to be safe and let the dispatcher determine if you need emergency assistance.
If you call 911 by mistake, don’t hang up. It is the policy of Polk County 911 to call back all 911 hang up calls. So, if you have misdialed, stay on the line and tell the dispatcher what happened so they know there really isn’t an emergency.
People also need to know how to properly call 911 from a cell phone. About 40 percent of all calls to 911 are made by cellular callers. Unlike landline calls, cellular calls don’t always give an exact location of the caller. Although all newer cell phones do contain a GPS chip, not all cell towers may be able to read the GPS signal. It is therefore up to the caller to know their address, what road they are traveling on, describe the exact location of the emergency and know their cell phone number. This information will help the 911 call-taker get the appropriate emergency response agency to your location.


The 2007 Crookston High School’s spring drama production will be the play “I Remember Mama” written by John Van Druten. The performance will be held at the Crookston High Auditorium on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 13, 14 and 15 at 7:30 p.m. “I Remember Mama” is directed by Beth Carlson and Joyce Johnson. Tickets cane be purchased in advance from cast members or at the door. Tickets are $9 for adults and $6 for students. The story chronicles the life of Katrina Hansen, the daughter of a Norwegian immigrant family settling in San Francisco in 1910. The story is centered around Mama and her strict manner of keeping her family operating on a limited budget while remaining true to her Norwegian values.




The Crookston School Board meets on Monday, April 9 at 4:30 p.m. in the high school choir room.  The meeting agenda includes approving  a resolution that would discontinue some educations programs and also terminating positions. 
The school board is also expected to "discuss" moving the second grade and also discuss moving the seventh graders to the High School. As always, the school board meetings are open to the public, and all school district residents are encouraged to attend the meetings.  If you would like to speak
to the school board, that opportunity is conducted right at the start of the meeting, at 4:30 PM.

The Full Agenda:

1. Visitors/Non-Agenda Items.  District citizens may share concerns with the Crookston School Board on items not on the agenda (five minute limit per topic.).  The Chairperson will direct the Superintendent to prepare a response to the concern.

2.  Approve Current Bills

3.  Personnel Items
Accept the resignation of  Debbie Koop as Educational Assistant at the Crookston High School (Mr. Trostad's room)
Accept the resignation of Mike Andringa as boy's hockey assistant coach
Approve hiring Mike Geffre as head girl's tennis coach
Approve hiring Lon Boike as head girl's volleyball coach
Remove Confidential District Offices Staff from Administrative Assistants' Group

4.  Main Agenda

- APPROVE a resolution DISCONTINUING and REDUCING Educational Programs and POSITIONS.
- Discuss Second and Seventh Grades Moving
- Approve dissolving the wrestling cooperative with Fisher School
- Approve extending the Housing Incentive Tax Abatement
- Review the finance committee's budget recommendations

5.  The Superintendent (Wayne Gilman) report


The High School Vocal Ensemble contest was held at the East Grand Forks Senior High School on Monday, April 2nd. Crookston High School had 52 students participate in a total of 21 different vocal ensembles. The students had outstanding performances with 15 ensembles receiving a Double Star (a Superior rating) and three ensembles receiving a Single Star (an Excellent rating.) Three ensembles also received a perfect score, including: the Pop Choir; and two duets involving Alex Kiel & Timothy Unke; and Whitney Schmidt & Tim Unke. Adjudicators for the afternoon included; Don Danielson, Alden Anderson and Luann Dirkheising. Carol Montague and Belinda Fjeld accompanied the ensembles from Crookston. Other schools participating in the contest included; Climax, East Grand Forks, Fisher, Red Lake County Central, Sacred Heart, and Warren/Alverado/Oslo.

Ensembles receiving a Double Star- a Superior rating (Sub-section & State Qualifier) included the following ensembles: 
Vocal Duets:  
"Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah"- Alex Kiel & Timothy Unke-(Perfect score!) 
"Will You Come Back My Darling?" -Whitney Schmidt & Timothy Unke-(Perfect Score!) 
"Will You Come Back My Darling?"- Megan Makie & Brett Warcken 
"You Are My All in All" - Jackie Reitmeier & Isaac Edlund 
"Will There Really Be A Morning?" - Sydney Epema & Marley Hanson 
"Come to Me, My Love" - Naomi Fagerlund & Katie Edlund 
"Inscription of Hope" - Megan Hulst & Andrea Wright Junior 

Girls Ensemble:
"How Do I Love Thee?" - Cheriese Benoit, Alisyn Buchmeier, Rachel Buchmeier, Katie Edlund, Sydney Epema, Naomi Fagerlund, Ashley Jahn, Brittney Jahn & Megan Maki. 

Boys Ensembles:

"For the Longest Time" - John Grove, Alex Kiel, Matt Klawitter, Timothy Unke & Brett Warcken. 

"Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?" - Jeff Caillier, Alex Edevold, Isaac Edlund, Sam Huglen, Matt Klawitter, Josh Knaack, John Seaver & Hayden Spivey. 

"Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight" - Shane Chapman, Ben Curran, Noah Fagerlund, Andre Hemsworth, Brandon Lyczewski, Jake Thompson & Max Wolpert. 

Mixed Ensembles:
"Seek Ye the Lord" - Katie Edlund, Isaac Edlund & Hannah Edlund 
"Pie Jesu" - Cheriese Benoit, Brittney Jahn & Sam Huglen 
"Only Hope" - Shane Chapman, Ben Curran, Chelsea Hesby, Sarah Kanten, Hollie Luckow, Brandon Lyczewski, Brooke Morris, Kristin Remick & Jake Thompson. 

Pop Choir:  
This group also received a Perfect Score! "Wanting Memories" and "Save the Last Dance for Me" - Ben Curran, Isaac Edlund, Katie Edlund, Sydney Epema, Naomi Fagerlund, John Grove, Marley Hanson, Sam Huglen, Alex Kiel, Megan Maki, Evan Meyer, Jackie Reitmeier, Whitney Schmidt, Timothy Unke,  & Brett Warcken. 

Ensembles receiving a Single Star- an Excellent rating (Sub-section Qualifier) included: 
Vocal Duets: 

"Poor Wayfaring Strainger" - Amber Schleicher & Rachel Smith 
"Pie Jesu" - Naomi Fagerlund & Jackie Reitmeier Girls Ensemble: 
"Fly Away" - Sarah Derosier, Andrea Lariviere, Hollie Luckow, Ashley Nelson, Mercedes Paverud, Kalie Persson, Rachel Smith, & Rosa Quiroz. 

The Juniors and Senior members of the CHS Choir

Row 3: Amber Schleicher, Naomi Fagerlund, Sydney Epema, Ashley Jahn, Alisyn Buchmeier, Rachel Buchmeier, Brittney Jahn 
Row 2: Cheriese Benoit, Katie Edlund, Marley Hanson, Megan Maki, Whitney Schmidt, Jackie Reitmeier, Erika Altepeter 
Row 1: Isaac Edlund, Alex Kiel, John Grove, Matt Klawitter, Brett Warcken, Tim Unke


The 8th, 9th and 10th grade members of the CHS Choir

 Morgan Welter, Andre Hemsworth, Noah Fagerlund, Sam Huglen, Jeff Caillier, Hayden Spivey, Josh Knaack, John Seaver, Kassie Johnson 
Sarah Derosier, Kalie Persson, Evan Meyer, Jake Thompson, Shane Chapman, Ben Curran, Alex Edevold, Max Wolpert, Sarena Amiot 
Mercedes Paverud, Andrea Lariviere, Sarah Kanten, Chelsea Hesby, Brooke Morris, Brandon Lyczewski, Shannon Malo, Marinda Kurpius-Brock 
Row 1: Hanna Edlund, Hollie Luckow, Rachel Smith, Ashley Nelson, Rosa Quiroz, Aryanna Ostgaard

(Both pictures submitted by Belinda Fjeld)


The Roger, Kelly and Anthony Hanson family of Ada lost their home in a fire on April 4. They have only the clothing they were wearing when they escaped the house. A pancake feed, raffle and silent auction will be held on April 15 from 11 to 3 at the Ada-Borup High School commons for the family. Supplemental funds will be provided by the Mahnomen/Norman Thrivent Financial chapter. A fund has been set up at Bank of the West, 412 E. Main St. in Ada, 56510 for anyone who would like to help the family.

University of Minnesota, Crookston students were recognized for their outstanding efforts to improve the quality of life for the Crookston community and the northwest region of Minnesota at a regional conference in Minneapolis. UMC Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) earned SIFE Regional Champion status at the organization's annual regional conference marking the eighth consecutive year UMC's team has earned the title. UMC's team now advances to the 2007 SIFE USA National Exposition on May 6-8, in Dallas, Texas, to compete against other regional champion teams from across the country. Students traveled to Minneapolis to present their year-long program of community outreach projects to a panel of business leaders at the conference. During a 24-minute multimedia presentation, they outlined the activities they had planned and implemented. Teams were judged on the presentation, a written annual report and their portfolio of free enterprise service projects. UMC students demonstrated that their programs were making the world a better place by helping others: learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur; acquire the education and training needed to succeed; understand the dynamics of free market economics, develop financial management skills necessary to achieve financial independence; and understand that long-term success and prosperity are dependent on ethical business practices. Members of the championship presentation team included Raldy Romero, Theo Powell, Chansouda Rattanavong, and Ollie Owens. The technical support team included Mark Belanger, Martial Diby, and Deb Altepeter. UMC SIFE advisors are Business Instructors Eric Burgess and Kenneth Johnson; Accounting Professor David Crawford; and Admissions Counselor Kelli Barnes. Burgess said he is very proud of the team's accomplishments and their commitment to UMC and the surrounding region. "I have been advising the UMC SIFE team for the past seven years, and their dedication and commitment to teaching others the principles of free enterprise are truly remarkable. The excellence in leadership, scholarship and civic engagement demonstrated by our students exemplifies the UMC mission and purpose. Their meaningful accomplishments are truly amazing, and we are extremely proud of them."



FRIDAY - APRIL 6,  2007

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar made a quick stop at Crookston City Hall on Thursday afternoon to visit with an audience of about 40 people about current issues. Senator Klobuchar was in Iraq about two weeks ago and was asked about the good work we are doing in the country.  She said “the troops are amazing and the soldiers are very hard working and concerned about their families and benefits when they return home after hearing about the problems at Walter Reed in Washington, D.C. There is bi-partisan support in the senate for getting the troops home but the house is another matter.” The troops are now working on training a police force, restore the economy and the political scene of the country. Senator Klobuchar says the United States cannot stay indefinitely but we must have a plan to withdrawn in an order over a long period of time. The troops also asked the Senator to call their moms which she did and found they had been notified by e-mail that she would calling.

Crookston Mayor Dave Genereux talks with Senator Klobuchar


Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar serves on the environment and public works committee and flood project requests from Crookston, Roseau and Ada are in a bill but funding is still a concern. Senator Klobuchar spoke to about 40 people including farmers, city officials , health care and UMC Staff at Crookston City Hall on Thursday afternoon. Senator Klobuchar said she wants a safety net in the farm bill with permanent disaster relief. “The ag bill was $25 billion under budget last year and I want some of that to go to permanent disaster relief” Klobuchar said. Agreements on farm products must be enforced to keep the sugar program strong. Senators are working on an energy program in all areas with research and pilot projects for new ideas. Senator Klobuchar wants middle class tax cuts and tax credits for college tuition which has gone up 110 percent in ten years. Questions on stem cell research, prescription drugs and passports came from the audience. Klobuchar said she favors stem cell research with many ethical standards and prescription drugs for seniors should have a plan like the veterans. The Senator is on a committee to work on passport regulations especially with Canada where commerce is an issue also.


Taylor Smith of Crookston is a member of the Design Guild at Bemidji State University. Smith, a junior majoring in graphic design, is the webmaster of the organization. The Design Guild is composed of graphic arts students, mainly from the design technology program at BSU.

Cody Nelson of Crookston is a member of the 2006-2007 student senate at Bemidji State University. Nelson, a junior majoring in business administration, is the president of the organization.





Tax statements have gone out to all the residents of Polk County and while valuation of many properties Went up, the taxes did not rise accordingly, according to Polk County Board of Commissioners Chairman Warren Affeldt. Growth and new construction in the county brought in new taxes so the increases were less. Affeldt is concerned about the increases over the years in the taxes that the Watershed boards are getting and encouraged them to take a good look at what they are doing with the tax money.


A transportation bill in the state legislature is getting a lot of attention from county commissioners and other officials. Polk County Commissioner Warren Strandell attending a meeting with the DOT in Bemidji and the Regional Development Commission, where the improvements in the road system are getting a lot of attention. Strandell said “funding is flat for road construction and the DOT said the roads keep deteriorating so what money there is will be used to make improvements.” The legislature keeps talking about raising the gas tax ten cents, but Strandell feels that five cents might get passed after the negotiating is completed.





Construction on the new jail and justice center in Crookston is on budget and schedule, according to project manager Jon Otterstad, (pictured left) who informed the Polk County Commissioners on the status of the project. The recent rain and snow has stopped the work outside but the crews are moving ahead inside the facility where most of the permanent windows have been installed and most of the cement work has been done. Painting and wiring are part of the work inside along with framing. Wood work is part of the work being done on the justice side of the building in the courtrooms. Otterstad said 20 plumbers have been working at one time and the companies have been on time and work well with each other to keep the project on schedule.


The Polk County Commissioners and Environmental Services Director Jon Stinar spent a good portion of their meeting on Tuesday reviewing changes in the zoning ordinances approved by the Zoning Commissioners earlier. Jon Stinar said “the ordinances are reviewed every year to accommodate state and federal requests and clarify definitions as well as clean up the language.” The Commissioners wanted the Board of Adjustment to decide written appeals for noxious weed control or eradication of noxious weeds.
Many of the changes were required by Pollution Control Agency and FEMA especially in the flood plain areas and lake shore property. In other county business, a contract with the Halstad Telephone Company was approved for fiber optic links between UMC, courthouse, jail, highway department and the sheriffs office. A right of way easement for the Halstad Telephone Company was also approved. An electric service agreement between the Solid Waste Incinerator in Fosston and Fosston Utilities and MinnKota Power to sell the output of a new electric generator fueled by the solid waste at the incinerator. The accredited capacity rate is currently established as $21 per kilowatt per year. The renewable energy rate was established at four cents per kWh.


Ever considered going back to school for your bachelor's degree? The University of Minnesota, Crookston offers anyone who has not attended school for five years or more a unique incentive to return to the classroom. The David Berland Adult Opportunity Grant provides adults who have been out of high school or college for a minimum of five years the opportunity to take a college course without cost.
The Berland Grant pays tuition and fees for a maximum of four credits for one semester along with the required textbook. Individuals must register for an academic course of at least three credits to qualify.
Director of Financial Aid Melissa Dingmann is encouraging anyone interested in returning to school to check out what the Berland Grant is offering. "Anyone wanting to take that first step or thinking about returning to school should take advantage of this opportunity," Dingmann said. "It is a chance to take a class you are interested in or one that will help you decide if you would like to complete your degree. You really have nothing to lose by giving it a try."
Students who have received the grant are encouraged by the opportunity. "I was thrilled to receive this grant, as it helped me with the expense of the first semester when I came back to college after more than 13 years," said Carrie Picket, a current student who is now in her second semester at UMC. "I was unsure if I would be able to make it through the program but wanted to get started. This grant gave me the push I needed, and the first semester went great."
As part of the eligibility criteria, individuals may not have earned a bachelor's degree or be receiving any other financial aid or tuition reimbursement from another source. The David Berland Estate established the endowment for the express purpose of giving adults the opportunity to take college level courses.
For more information on the Berland Grant or other opportunities at UMC, please contact Melissa Dingmann at 218-281-8576 or email



Dare to care for your University of Minnesota, Crookston campus. Community members are invited to volunteer alongside UMC students, faculty and staff as part of "Beautiful U Day," a daylong campus beautification effort, on Fri., April 13, 2007. Volunteers should check-in at the Eagle's Nest, located on the west side of the UMC Student Center. Work begins at 9 a.m. and continues throughout the day until 4 p.m. Lunch will be provided and an ice-cream social will wrap up the afternoon projects. Drop by and join a project at anytime during the day or call 218-281-8020. This event-filled day celebrates our natural resources, buildings and grounds and provides the opportunity to spruce up for spring and learn about caring for our assets and environment. UMC's "Beautiful U Day" encompasses a variety of activities, indoor and outdoor; and volunteers are needed to support projects around campus.
Projects funded include:
* Crookston Natural Resources Club has been awarded $1,960 in a 2007 Beautiful U Day Grant for their project titled "Environmental Interpretation of the UMC Nature Nook"
* UMC Facilities Management has been awarded $3,000 in a 2007 Beautiful U Day Grant for their project titled "Centennial Gardens Walkway"
* UMC Communication Club has been awarded $500 in a 2007 Beautiful U Day Grant for their project titled "Capturing U"
*Crookston Information Technology (IT) Professionals Club & Help Desk Employees has been awarded $2,000 in a 2007 Beautiful U Day Grant for their project titled "Container Planting for U"
"Beautiful U Day" is an annual stewardship initiative in the University of Minnesota campus system, combining hands-on beautification efforts with academic forums to celebrate and acknowledge our responsibility to maintain our physical and natural resources. For more information on how you can participate, visit or contact UMC Help Desk Manager and Beautiful U Day Coordinator Peg Sherven at 218-281-8376 or email


The Senior Citizen Brunch at Crookston High School has been set for April 12, according to Leo Club advisor Mary Ann Odland. The breakfast begins at 9:00 a.m. with the meal prepared by the kitchen staff at the high school. Following the brunch, seniors are invited into the auditorium to watch the play presented by the Crookston High Drama students. The brunch and play are free of charge to all seniors.





The Eldred All School Reunion is set for Saturday, July 21, 2007 at the Northland Inn in Crookston.  Registration is requested by June 15 by contacting Judy Dragseth Ellingson at 281-5440 or or Anne Carlson Burke at 218-857-2595 or


Crookston Eagles Auxiliary is offering a $300 scholarship to a member of the 2007 graduating class. Applications are at the principal’s office at the high school. Deadline is May 1. The applicant must have a family member belonging to the Eagles Auxiliary.




The Crookston Family Support Group will be doing selling and raffling off the print pictured below entitled "Proudly We Serve" by renowned Wildlife Artist John C. Green.  It will be a fundraiser for their group supporting the Crookston National Guard families.  Three framed and matted prints will be raffled off with the drawing on June, 15th.  The cost of the raffle ticket is five dollars.  You don't have to be present to win. 
Prints are also available to soldiers.  The Soldiers cost is 15 dollars for the first print and 50 dollars for each print after that.  Proceeds will be used for the Homecoming Celebration.  The ongoing support of soldiers and their families during deployment and for ongoing issues after demobilization.  And to support soldiers and their families who have recently been deployed.  To buy a print and/or get some raffle tickets contact Linnea at (218)281-7320 or email




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