April 10,  2007

It has been a good news day as a young man 29 years old, Mark Peterson, son of Sandy and Verl Peterson got a kidney over the holiday weekend. He has been waiting for quite some time and we are happy for him and his family. There is sadness for the family who donated the kidney from their loved one. Hope you all had a blessed Easter holiday. It has been cold here and still snow melting every day….we were planning on an early spring and now it will be a late spring…I had thought about planting some lettuce in the pot on the deck and now I am glad I never got around to it….but soon it will get better…..The mud has to dry up sometime soon…tough working for the men.

Did you all get your tax statements, at least in Minnesota, I don’t know about other states…..Property values went up but the taxes were not to bad…..

The Twins have gotten off to a good start and now we have three against the Yankees……what a party that would be to take them down. I even watched some of the Master’s golf tourney…and was pleased to see the 31 year old guy from Iowa take it all…..What a thrill for him and his family.

The Crookston City council and Crookston school board sat down together last week. They did not break bread but had a healthy discussion on the proposed flood project that would take out our hockey arenas…..it was nice to see them get together and most of it was civil which is sometimes hard when large amounts of money are involved. Now they will get a working group together to work on the details…….a week earlier the Polk county Commissioners hosted the Grand Forks Commissioners to discuss the Thompson Bridge between the two on the KT road west of the beet plant. The bridge is failing and the two groups will work on getting it replaced in the next few years. They thought it was a first for the two groups to sit down together…….was an interesting discussion to say the least…..more such joint meetings need to take place.

Senator Amy Klobuchar stopped in Crookston last week at the end of three days on the road and she was still coherent and moving right along. It must get tough to keep answering the same questions and even remember where you are after a whirlwind tour.  Everyone appreciated her taking the time to stop at city hall and answer a few questions on topics of interest like agriculture and flood projects.

Still a few days to get your income tax completed…I’m done and it was not fun at all.

Ramblings of a retired mind……I was thinking about how a status symbol of today is those cell phones that everyone has clipped onto their belt or purse. I can’t afford one. So, I’m wearing my garage door opener. You know, I spent a fortune on deodorant before I realized that people didn’t like me anyway. I was thinking that women should put pictures of missing husbands on beer cans!!!!!

I was thinking about old age and decided that old age is ‘when you still have something on the ball, but you are just too tired to bounce it…

I thought about making a fitness movie, for folks my age, and call it “Pumping Rust.” I have gotten that dreaded furniture disease. That’s when your chest is falling into your drawers! Employment application blanks always ask ‘who is to be notified in case of an emergency.’ I think you should write, “A Good Doctor!”

Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office? What are we supposed to do-----write to these men? Why don’t they just put their pictures on postage stamps so the mailmen could look for them while they deliver the mail? OR better yet, arrest them while they are taking their pictures!

I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older. Then, it dawned on me, they were cramming for their finals. As for me, I’m just hoping God grades on the curve.

Do you live on a lake, own a boat or visit lakes in the summer? If so, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s citizen lake monitoring program is looking for you. Volunteers are needed to monitor water quality on many lakes in each county, weekly during the summer months. Monitoring data gathered by volunteers provides valuable information about the current health of Minnesota’s waters. For information on becoming a volunteer, call the PCA at 651-296-6300 or toll free 1-800-657-3864. SO if you are a lake lover….hope you can help out.

As a result of the identification of bovine tuberculosis infected deer in Northwestern Minnesota, the Board of Animal Health is increasing testing requirements for cattle herds located within a 12 mile area surrounding the positive deer. This involves Roseau, Marshall and Bemidji counties. 7 TB infected deer have been found in the last two years within the immediate vicinity. And this poses a risk to cattle herds in the area. All required tests will be done at government expense. To further reduce the risk of deer to deer or deer to cattle transmission, the DNR has contracted with USDA Wildlife Service to remove potentially infected deer in critical areas where the disease has been found. Not a good time for the cattle farmers up north.

A lot of snowbirds have arrived home with their sun tanned faces and their winter coats. I’m just glad they got home in time to see snow and maybe do a little shoveling after a winter of luxury. They have to remember why they went south in the first place…..Anyway we are glad to have them back and getting into the swing of home life again.

This is National Telecommunicator’s week and dispatchers across the country are being honored. Polk County’s seven 911 dispatchers handle emergency and non emergency telephone calls for the police, fire and ambulance agencies that serve our county. Last year they dispatched over 18,000 calls for service. Of those, 1,479 were 911 calls. They also are responsible for monitoring the security for both the adult correctional facility as well as the juvenile detention center.

For Polk County, they dispatch to 5 ambulance services, 13 fire departments and 8 police departments. So we salute 911 dispatchers throughout the country and especially in Polk County. I have used them many times and always with good results…..so good job done.

Polk County has only women dispatchers after the one man left recently retired.

Why does someone believe you when you say there are 4 billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

Why doesn’t glue stick to the bottle?

Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?

A teacher told her young class to ask their parents for a family story with a moral at the end of it, and to return the next day to tell their stories. In the classroom the next day, Joe gave his example first, “My Dad is a farmer and we have chickens. One day we were taking lots of eggs to market in a basket on the front seat of the truck when we hit a big bump in the road; the basket fell off the seat and all the eggs broke. The moral of the story is not to put all your eggs in one basket.” “Very good,” said the teacher.

Next, Mary said , “We are farmers too. We had 20 eggs waiting to hatch, but when they did we only got ten chickens. The moral of this story is not to count your chickens before they’re hatched.”
”Very good,” said the teacher again, very pleased with the response so far. Next it was Barney’s turn to tell his story: “My Dad told me this story about my Aunt Karen……Aunt Karen was a flight engineer in the war and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory and all she had was a bottle of whiskey, a machine gun and a machete.” “Go on,” said the teacher,intrigued. “Aunt Karen drank the whiskey on the way down to prepare herself; then she landed right in the middle of a hundred enemy soldiers. She killed 70 of them with the machine gun until she ran out of bullets. Then she killed 20 more with the machete till the blade broke. And then she killed the last ten with her bare hands.” “Good heavens,” said the horrified teacher, “What did your father say was the moral of that frightening story?”
“Stay away from Aunt Karen when she’s been drinking!”

Have a good week, think spring, let the sun in and stay safe, work for peace.

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