The Polk County DFL directors and volunteers gathered at the Crookston Library on February 8 to plan the DFL caucuses for Polk County. The DFL caucuses will be held on February 25, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., with registration beginning at 6:30 p.m. While Minnesota will have a primary to select the Democratic presidential candidate, the caucuses allow voters to meet other Democrats, propose amendments to the party platform, to present resolutions, and to become a delegate to the state and national convention. Information is also available at www.polkcountydfl.org.

Here are this year’s DFL caucus sites for Polk County:

Crookston Highland School:
Cities included – Crookston (all wards), Gentilly, and Euclid.
Townships included – Andover, Angus, Belgium, Brandt, Brislet, Crookston township, Fairfax, Fanny, Helgeland, Kertsonville, Lowell, Parnell, and Russia

Climax Public School:
Cities included –  Climax, and Nielsville
Townships included – Hammond, Hubbard, Roome, Scandia, Tynsid, and Vineland.

East Grand Forks Senior High School:
Cities included – East Grand Forks (all wards), and Fisher
Townships included – Bygland, Esther, Farley, Fisher, Grand Forks, Higdem, Huntsville, Keystone, Nesbit, Northland, Rhinehart, Sandsville, Sullivan, and Tabor

Fertile-Beltrami High School Cafeteria:
Cities included – Fertile, and Beltrami
Townships included – Garden, Garfield, Godfrey, Liberty, Onstad, and Reis

Fosston Civic Center:
Cities included – Fosston, Gully, Lengby, and Trail
Townships included – Chester, Columbia, Eden, Gully, Hill River, Johnson, Queen, Rosebud, and Sletten

Win-E-Mac School:
Cities included – Erskine, McIntosh, Mentor, and Winger
Townships included – Badger, Grove Park-Tilden, King, Knute, Lessor, Winger, and Woodside

What you will do at the caucus:

  • Meet neighbors who share your political beliefs
  • Make new friends and get more connected to your community
  • Learn how to get involved in 2020 campaigns to help elect leaders who share DFL values
  • Meet elected officials and candidates
  • Help shape the DFL party platform
  • Discuss and debate local, state, and national political issues
  • Have an impact on which candidate the DFL endorses by getting elected as a delegate to future DFL conventions

What you won’t do at the caucus:

  • Caucus for a presidential candidate or cast a ballot in the Democratic presidential primary

The Polk County DFL hopes you can come out and caucus with them and look forward to seeing you there.

Polk County DFL members and volunteers getting ready for the upcoming Polk County caucus on February 25