On Monday morning about 60 members of a group called The Children’s Crusade protested outside the Polk County Government Center.  The protest, according to Field McConnell Director of The Children’s Crusade, was over the unfair treatment of Timothy Charles Holmseth of East Grand Forks, whom McConnell said was the reason Jeffrey Epstein, who he referred to several times as Brian, was arrested.  “Timothy Holmseth is an innocent man being mistreated by this court, but not just this court, most other courts would mistreat him too,” said McConnell.  “Timothy Holmseth is the reason Brian Epstein got welcomed to America. He flew in from France in early July and was taken into custody, put in prison, and it’s alleged he died in prison.  I don’t believe he did. I believe he’s in federal protection.  The only person that’s a bigger presence in the fight against pedophilia is Jeffrey Epstein, but they’re on different teams.”

Some of the protesters traveled from more than 2,000 miles away, and McConnell said they were celebrating a victory over evil as there was no hearing or trial Monday. “We were here to celebrate the victory of righteousness over evil,” said McConnell.  “We witnessed it because the people in [Polk County Justice Center] came up with an excuse why they weren’t going to hold the trial or hearing.  We knew that they couldn’t stand up against the truth so last night we had a victory party.”

A warrant was issued Monday morning for Holmseth after he failed to appear at a scheduled hearing for a jury trial.  The hearing was scheduled over a violation of a restraining order for internet and electronic communication harassment a misdemeanor, and a misdemeanor for contempt of court.