Hugo’s Family Marketplace was busy with Ox Cart Days activities Tuesday evening.  First, they hosted the Hugo’s Ox Cart Days Cookout and then the Hugo’s Family Marketplace Supermarket Sweep Contest.  The two contestants drawn leading up to Ox Cart Days were Larry Brekken and Chandra Selzler.

Crookston Store Manager Bob O’Halloran explained the rules given to the contestants before they started.  “The two contestants had 90 seconds to get through every store,” said O’Halloran.  “They needed to shop in every department and couldn’t grab more than two of every item.  The person closest to $300 without going over gets the groceries, and the other person gets a $50 gift card.  I thought it went great tonight.”

Selzer won as she collected $257.19 in groceries, which she took home with her. “That was crazy,” said Selzler.  “Larry and I talked a little bit about strategy before we got going. I totally changed what I thought I was going to do.  I guess it paid off because I made it around as I needed to and it was a lot of fun.”

Brekken’s groceries totaled $104.15.  Brekken received the $50 gift card, but he also got to take home a pie after it was a casualty of a ham dropping on it.  “One pie kind of took a licking when I dropped a ham on it,” laughed Brekken.  “This was fun. It was really enjoyable, and we’ve got to thank Hugo’s for doing what they do for the community.”

Hugo’s held their cookout earlier in the evening as a fundraiser for Ox Cart Days which O’Halloran also said was a success. “The cookout was a great success too,” said O’Halloran.  “We do what we can to try to help support Ox Cart Days.  We also have our grocery bingo coming up on Sunday.”

Bingo will be Sunday at 2:30 in the Downtown Square Pavilion and winners will take home grocery items donated by Hugo’s.  “There is $500 worth of groceries in there,” said O’Halloran. “You just play bingo for certain items. It’s just a regular bingo game but with food in it.”