The Crookston High School Trap Team competed Thursday at the State Shoot in Alexandria.  It was day four of the nine-day shoot.  Competing in Class 4A the Varsity team finished 15th, the Junior Varsity finished 4th, and the Novice finished 5th, Overall Crookston finished 20th. 

Coach Darren Gjerswold said it was a good day with some of the highest finishes in the team’s seven-year history.  “It was a good day,” said Gjerswold.  “We didn’t bring home any iron this year but we made a good showing.  I think that’s one of the highest places we’ve had since we started seven years ago.  Overall it was a really good day.”

Individually, Crookston, had one shooter on each team finish in the Top 20 in Class 4A in their level.  Johnathan Abeld led the Varsity finishing tied for 15th, Dilon Owens led Junior Varsity finishing tied for 19th, and Clay Hanson led the Novice finishing tied 11th.  “They’ve done good,” said Gjerswold.  “We’ve made a few changes this year and we’re going to make a few more next year.  The kids are responding really well and of course the higher the scores are the happier they are.  We’re kind of on a roll here right now and I’m thinking long-term I’m hoping to be one day in the single digits or even take home one of those championship awards.”

The girls also had a good showing with Allie Love leading the way on Junior Varsity finishing tied for 16th in the female division and Jenna Seaver on novice who finished tied for 6th in the female division. “All the girls did a great job but Jenna really stepped it up,” said Gjerswold.  “This is her best shooting by far this year.  She’s started to get a good eye on her targets and follow through.  We’re hoping next year she does every bit as good as she has this year and same with the rest of the girls.”

All five varsity shooters made 25 straight shots at least once.  The varsity team consisted of Johnathan Abeld, Jade Selzer, Jake Anderson, Ty Hamre, and Eric Delorme.  “That’s the best shooting we’ve ever had from the Varsity,” said Gjerswold.  “These guys have been shooting together all year so they know each other’s bells and whistles.  For us, we deal with the wind every day and we get done there and don’t have any so I was a little worried about that because they don’t shoot many targets without a 25-30 mile per hour wind blowing. But they did actually a little bit better than they do at home average wise.  I’m really proud of them.  I’m a little sad about losing three of them but we’ve got some more boys coming up that are going to fill their spots well.”

Gjerswold thanked everyone who supported the team throughout the year.  “It’s been a great year,” said Gjerswold.  “All the parents support their kids, they help us out.  A lot of the businesses around town have helped us.  And especially the gun club for letting us destroy their trap house every spring with mud and gravel and everything else.  Thanks to the school as well.  We’re using the Pirate name and are proud of that.”  


Crookston Varsity 15th – 459 (Hibbing won with 483)
Crookston Junior Varsity 4th – 444 (Marshall County Central won with 452)
Crookston Novice 5th – 375 (Hopkins won with 405)
Crookston OVERALL 20th – 460 (Hibbing won with 483)


Varsity Individual Overall Results
Jonathan Abeld tied 15th – 96
Jade Selzer tied 23rd – 95
Jake Anderson tied 108th – 90
Ty Hamre tied 134th – 89
Eric Delorme tied 134th – 89

Junior Varsity Overall Individual Results
Dilon Owens tied 19th – 89
Isaiah Barlow tied 24th – 88
Brady Klinnert tied 24th – 88
Erik Coauette tied 38th – 86
Mason Owens tied 38th – 86
Jaren Bailey tied 57th – 84
Gage Nelson tied 89th – 81
Sawyer Bernd tied 109th – 79
Allie Love tied 109th – 79 (tied 16th in female)
Wyatt Wilkens tied 150th – 76
Mackenzie Aamoth tied 163rd -75 (tied 28th in female)
Dawson Willits tied 200th – 72
Brylee Lessard tied 200th – 72 (tied 35th in female)
Mavrick Broden tied 200th – 72
Zach Johnson tied 210th – 71
Grant Nelson tied 224th – 69


Individual Novice Overall Results
Clay Hanson tied 11th – 82
Noah Barlow tied 24th – 77
Jenna Seaver tied 30th – 75 (tied 6th in female)
Jackson Reese tied 36th – 74
Koda Donarski tied 65th – 67
Hannah Tahran tied 77th – 65 (tied 20th in female)
Lisa Lindemoen tied 113th – 57 (tied 35th in female)
Ailie Hujanen tied 127th – 54 (tied 39th in female)