The Crookston Public Library’s summer reading program, Summer Library Experience!, is ready to blast off Thursday with a mini-play.  This summer’s theme is around space exploration.

Thursday’s play is about a mouse who dreams of being a superhero who can travel to outer space and while written for a younger audience is open to all said Crookston Public Library Director Chris Boike.  “Our kickoff is at 10:30 a.m.,” said Boike.  “Its called – The Lion & The Mouse – miniplay intended for ages 3-10 but kids of all ages and adults are welcome.  It’s really just a fun little play about learning to be kind, fair, and how big things come in small packages.”

Programs are held Wednesdays through mid-August and cover a variety of space-related topics and activities explains Boike. “Wednesday, June 19 at 2:00 p.m. we’ll begin our regularly scheduled events which are always Wednesday’s at 2:00 p.m.,” said Boike.  “We have a nice variety of different things planned this summer.  Our new youth services librarian Alyssa Lennander has done a fantastic job in her first summer planning.  She has got all sorts of nice programs planned.  One includes the Light Saber Academy from Grand Forks coming over to do an interactive demonstration and instruction of lightsaber combat.  We have a lunar odyssey later in the month.  You’ll find that story times this summer and a lot of the activities for Summer Library Experience! are based on that space exploration theme.  Even the prizes are based on that.  We’ve got moon lamps, a telescope and lots of other fun little things.”

Summer Library Experience! event schedule:

June 19 – Star Wars Extravaganza featuring Grand Forks LudoSport Light Saber Academy demonstrations and instruction on lightsaber combat

June 26 – Lunar Odyssey discover the phases of the moon and how they affect the awesome wonders of the natural world

July 10 – Explore Storms with the National Weather Service from big blizzards to tornadoes and floods

July 17 – Alien Party filled with activities and make your alien mask to wear around the library

July 24 – What’s in Our Water with information and activities about water from the West Polk Soil and Water Conversation District

July 31 – Space Games around the library

August 7 – Moonlight in the Afternoon with moon themed stations followed by prize drawings.  Participants must be present to win, and each child will receive a book.  Offered free of charge and sponsored by the Crookston Alliance for Literacy and Learning with funding from the United Way of Crookston.

The Summer Library Experience! is also for older teens and adults with the more you read increasing your chance to win a Kindle said, Boike. “For the adults and the teens, we have some Kindle giveaways this year,” said Boike.  “So there’s not just a Summer Library Experience! reading program or incentive for the kids, it’s also for adults.  We encourage everybody to come out.  Read as much as you can.  The more you read, the better your chances of winning a Kindle, a telescope, or a bike giveaway.  As always we’ve got some fantastic sponsors – Brost Chevrolet, Crookston Alliance for Literacy and Reading, Crookston Eye Clinic, KROX, Napa Auto Parts, Crookston Welding, and Hardware Hank of Crookston – they are always super about providing that incentive for the bike giveaway.  We’re excited for a really fun summer and great prizes.”