The KROX Radio/Draft’s Sports Bar and Grill athletes of the week are the Crookston High School Senior athletes of the year, Nick Garmen and Rachel Hefta.  The two are three-sport athletes and were honored on Monday evening.
Nick received many honors on Monday, including the Excellence in Athletics, Senior Award, Athlete of the Year, and CHS Citizenship award.
Rachel received several honors on Monday, including the Excellence in Athletics, Senior Award, Athlete of the Year, June Shaver Scholarship, Rotary Student of the Month, and Meredith Reynolds Scholarship.  

Nick has been on the Pirate Boys Tennis team varsity squad since seventh grade and he was the team that finished fourth at state when he was a sophomore.  Nick is one of the top singles players in Section 8A.
Nick has played varsity since his freshman year and passed the 1000 career point mark this season.  He is one of the leading three-point shooters, rebounders, and scorers in Crookston Pirate Boys Basketball history.  He was Academic All-State and all-conference.
Nick is a three-sport athlete and played varsity football for three years.  He played tight end and defensive end. This fall he received the Zammart Award and had two receptions for 20 yards and even threw one pass.  Defensively, Nick led the team with two sacks and was 14th on the team in defensive points.
Nick is a member of the band where he plays the euphonium in the brass section.  He is a member of the LEO Club and he is on the honor roll.

Rachel is a three-sport athlete and a member of the Pirate Girls Track team and has been on the varsity since seventh grade.  She runs the 400, 200 and also competes in the high jump and shot put.
Rachel played three years on the varsity basketball team and was a key part of the Pirate Girls Basketball Section 8A runner-up team this winter.  Rachel played varsity volleyball for three years and she was a member of the Northern Volleyball Academy last summer. 
She is a member of the student council, National Honor Society and Honor Roll.  She was also honored with the Choice Therapy Student-Athlete of the month.

First started playing tennis/track-
Nick –
Since I can remember
Rachel –
Fifth grade

Favorite thing about tennis/track
Nick – The overnight trips
Rachel –
400-meter race

The best part of your game –
Nick –
Serve and volley
Rachel –
Shot put

Part of your game that still needs work –
Nick –
Rachel –

The toughest player you have faced
Nick – Mike Geffre
Rachel – Jersey Finstad of TRF

Biggest thrill in your athletic career so far

Nick – Making it to state my sophomore year
Rachel –
Doing well in all the sports

Do you have a pre-match/race ritual –
Nick –
Talk with Coach Brekken
Rachel –

Favorite sport

Nick – Tennis
Rachel –

Favorite sports team

Nick – Celtics
Rachel –
Oregon Women’s Basketball

Favorite athlete
Nick – Kyrie Irving
Rachel –
 Cynthia Jane Barboza (Stanford volleyball)

Last Movie You’ve Seen –
Nick –
Rachel –
Pet Cemetery 2

Favorite TV Program –
Nick – Sportscenter
Rachel –
New Girl

Favorite Food –
Nick – Pizza
Rachel –
Chicken Alfredo

What music are you listening to –
Nick – Anything
Rachel –

Something about you that people don’t know
Nick – Coach Brekken is my favorite coach
Rachel –
I didn’t talk until I was three years old

Your stranded on a deserted island and you can have ANY three people with you –
Nick – Mr. Curry, Mr. Geffre and Mr. Brekken
Rachel –
Behr Grylls, Gina Visness, and Michael Hefta

Plans after graduation
Nick –
Going to Minnesota Morris to play basketball and tennis
Rachel –
Play volleyball in college somewhere

Nick’s Family –
Dad – 
Greg (Activities Director for Crookston Public Schools and Varsity Boys Basketball Coach)
Mom-  Susan (Fifth-grade teacher at Highland)
Brothers – Matt (Sophomore at NDSU
Jack (Freshman and plays basketball, football and tennis)

Rachel’s Family-
Dad –
Greg (Electrical Engineer)
Mom –
Lori (Physical Therapist at RiverView Health)
Sister –
  Kathryn (Speech Pathologist in Wyoming)
Brother –  Michael (Senior at UND, majoring in Chemical Engineering)