The Crookston Blue Line Club has released another Crookston Youth Hockey report and this week we have an update and season finale for the Mite teams.


The Mite White ended their season with a 10-4 loss to Bagley last Saturday.  Even though we didn’t win we had some very good things happen. Rowan Benoit scored a hat trick, Lukas Helgeson made a great play skating the puck up the ice and passing to a wide open Jacob Biermaier for our fourth goal, Jacob also had a few other good chances but ran into a pretty good little goalie, Tucker Lubinski had a couple breakaway’s and other chances and couldn’t buy a goal either, Joseph Burnette and Kai Hoppe out skated a few Bagley players and went hard for the puck most of the game, Kegan Erickson was aggressive and wanted to take the puck to the net, Asher Vigness and Brodie Meyer were playing some great defense and not allowing Bagley to get to many shots on net, Bladen Melsa was one of the fastest kids on the ice and used it well chasing down the Bagley players, and Colin Trudeau made some very good saves to give us a chance at a comeback late in the game.  Over all we had a pretty good year, we didn’t get as many wins as we might have wanted but overall I thought we grew a lot as hockey players. Thank you parents and athletes for a good year.

Our Mite White team is not just the players of the week but for the whole 2018-2019 hockey season, nice job boys.



The Mite Blue wrapped up their season this last week with a couple fun practices, a game on Friday between the kids and their Parent(s), and our last game of the season against Bagley. The Parent game was both fun and entertaining for everyone that was in attendance. The Parents were able to get the win and i know for certain that most were out of breath and a little sore the next day, but everyone had a blast! On Saturday we braved the weather to travel to Bagley. Davin Janek put on the goalie pads for the last game and he played goaltender pro-style, coming way out of the crease to play the puck at times and he did a good job. For the second time this year we played a full ice game. The kids quickly were reminded why our skating skills need to be top notch and how passing the puck can make a big difference. Noah Chandler and Caden Perry both skated really hard and both were able to get a hat trick using there speed. Noah Chandler was also able to pick up a 4th goal off a nice pass from Jacob Biermaier. Together the entire team played some of the best hockey to date. I am very proud of how far this team has come since the start of the season. Even though we took a 7-12 loss the kids had fun, skated hard, and had nothing but positive vibes in the locker room after the game. 
This weeks player of week is the Mite 3 Blue team. The Boys have come a long way since the start of the season. Their skills have improved the more ice time/practice we had, and as the season progressed we have a noticeably improved team. Boy’s your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, continue to work on your hockey skills in the off season because dedication will pay dividends! Thanks for a Fun Year of Hockey!   

Players of the Week – Mite White Team & Mite Blue Team