The Transfer Station continues to inch towards completion on the south side of Crookston.  Two weeks ago the issue with the concrete floor in the offices pitting was discovered, more recently staff and contractors have become aware of an issue with the temperature not being where it should be in some rooms said Polk County Environmental Services Director Jon Steiner. “It seems like a never-ending thing with construction, I don’t do a lot with construction so maybe this is routine,” said Steiner.  “As we get close to being given the ability to move into the building little things keep popping up.  There is going to be an energy audit because the system is having trouble the way it set up keeping a couple of the rooms up to temperature.  That could be a simple issue of tuning or balancing the system. Increasing the performance of the units a little bit or it could be pointing to insulation missing or something.”

Recently the electricians also showed up and started unhooking lights near the roof tip floor saying that needed to go from hard wire to a plugged-in system citing code.  “We were a little surprised too when the electrician showed up to start disconnecting lights citing a code issue,” said Steiner.  “It’s a little frustrating for everybody.  We’re at the point of moving, our temporary trailer is supposed to go back to where we’re renting it from and we’re going to end up renting that for at least another month while we’re working through all of these issues. Hang in there I guess is the moral of the story.”