Last year the Dream Boutique was able to provide dresses for 24 girls on their way to prom.  Dream Boutique organizers Kim Dans and Erin LaPlante are hoping for the same kind of success this year.  “Last year we had about 180 dresses that were donated, about 45 shoppers and about 24 dresses sold,” said Dans.  “We also had a dream donor who came in one of the days and paid for everyone’s dresses which was exciting just to give those dresses away.  We had a lot of thankful recipients and some tears and lots of excitement.” 

Dream Boutique is about making the prom experience as memorable as possible at a reasonable price. “Dream Boutique is an opportunity for girls who maybe can’t afford all the prom attire to come into a boutique type-setting, and get affordable dresses, shoes, and jewelry at our events, said Erin LaPlante.  “And it’s an opportunity for other people to clean out their closets and donate to a good cause.”

The Dream Boutique will also have door prizes for the girls attending.  Dans talks about the door prizes that were offered last year and the donation of the building space that made the events possible. “We also had some door prizes from Crookston Floral – they donated some furniture, Montague’s Flower Shop – donated some flowers and corsages,” said Dans. “When the girls came in and were trying on their dress they had that corsage and could pull it all together and see what everything was going to look like.  The Hair Connexion, Head East Salon, Rejuv Salon and Spa, Tanning Rays at Ray’s Wash and Shine they all donated either haircuts, supplies, hairdos, or tanning.  Patti Tiedemann donated a lot of beautiful handmade jewelry, necklaces, and earrings.  Jeff Evers especially, he donated the building to us, and because of him we were able to do this.”

Many of last year’s left-over dresses were donated to the Occupational Development Center for a prom that was held there for their residents.  Dream Boutique is currently looking for dresses for their upcoming 2019 events, and Dans tells us how those interested in donating can do so.  “They can go on our Facebook page – Dream Boutique – and reach out either on message or call,” said Kim Dans.  “Or they can call or text either Erin at 218-280-8646 or myself, Kim, at 218-281-1700.  We can make arrangements to have them dropped off or picked up and make sure we get the dresses people are willing to give.”

LaPlante says the Dream Boutique will be held during the final week of March at the Fournet Building. “It will be at the Fournet Building, the Four Seasons side due to construction on the side we had it on last year,” said LaPlante.  “Our events are going to be Wednesday, March 27 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, March 31 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.”