On Saturday evening at the Ice Buster Daze Dinner, Suzie and Ceasar Kaiser announced their retirement and the closing of Ceason’s Bait and Tackle following a going out of business sale.  “It was kind of an emotional weekend, but we decided it was time to do it,” said Suzie Kaiser.  We decided Ice Buster Daze would be the best place to do that at.  We started downtown across from Northern Lumber in a building we rented for TCF for six years.  My husband wanted to open a hobby store – I looked at him and said what do we know about running a business – but at that time the bait shop in town had closed up so he said let’s start with bait.  Then we added radio-controlled planes and cars with a track out back.  We had tennis shoes, hockey equipment, and archery and as time went on down there, we started eliminating some of them.  After six years American Federal bought out TCF and wanted the building so we came up here and focused on bait and tackle.”

The shop began their going out of business sale on Sunday and will continue to sell bait until the end of February and will officially close once all or most of the inventory is sold.  The Kaisers are looking forward to visiting friends and family in their retirement and will miss interacting with the customers.  “We want to go see spend some time with family,” said Kaiser.  “We have some we haven’t been out to visit in California, so we want to go out there, we’ll enjoy having weekends off.  And I want to thank everybody for supporting our business and being here, stopping in giving us the fishing report.  That’s probably what we’re going to miss the most, our customers.  I’m not going to miss working seven days a week, but I’m sure going to miss our customers. I hope to see everybody around and hopefully get out fishing and see them out fishing and relaxing.”

Kaiser said Ice Buster Daze, which had a very successful Ice Fishing Derby this year with 729 fish weighed, will continue as the event has already picked up a new sponsor.  And while the business will be closed, they will continue to be involved helping out with the annual event.