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This isn’t the way we wanted to break in the first Sports Feever Column in 2019, but we have had a terrible streak of bad news.
We heard some bad news this week.  Former University of Minnesota Crookston football coach and Thief River Falls High School Activities Director, Jim Sims is battling cancer and is having his first chemo treatment.  There isn’t a nicer guy out there and I enjoy covering Pirate events that Bobby, Ally or Catherine Tiedemann were competing in because 90 percent of the time Jim was there.  I have known him for many years and EVERY time I have seen him, talked to him, etc, he is always a class act and one of the nicest people I have met.

Make sure to keep Jim and the Sims family in your prayers as he starts his battle with cancer.  I know the family will appreciate it!


We also heard the terrible news from Warroad on December 29.  Max Marvin, 19 year old son of David and Kallie Marvin and brother of Layla and Lisa, passed away.  Max graduated from Warroad High School in 2018 and was a baseball and hockey player and from what we hear, he loved to hunt and fish with his grandpa and father.

I can’t imagine what the family is going through.  Keep the Marvin family in your prayers and they will be taking memorials and they will be given to a charity at a later date.

To all of our friends in Warroad and to David, Kallie and the Marvin family….I don’t know what to say, but we will be thinking of you and condolences to all of you!


The Blueberry Pines Golf Course (outside of Park Rapids) clubhouse was struck by a fire that pretty much destroyed the building.  The course was the site of the north sub-section golf tournament that Crookston, EGF, TRF, Roseau, Warroad, Bagley/Fosston and others competed in last spring.


Another bad way to start out the year.  Two days into 2019 and we find out that Mean Gene Okerlund of All-Star wrestling fame and Super Dave Osborn both passed away.   Mean Gene was the man.  As a youth I was a die hard pro wrestling fan (in the hay day of wrestling) from the AWA to the WWF.  The Mean Gene nickname was given to him by former Governor Jesse Ventura.  Super Dave Osborn also passed away and was one of the best too.  He even made Frank the Tank Fee chuckle on several occasions when he was on TV.  The hits kept coming on Wednesday when Daryl “Captain” Dragon, half of “The Captain and Tennille” also died.  All three died at the age of 76. Lets hope 2019 shapes up and keeps some of our sports/TV treasures around at a better clip than the first two days!


Now on to some good news – Crookston Central High School grad, Mike Hastings, has led team USA to the Junior World Cup semi-finals with a 3-1 victory over Czech Republic.  To top it off, Canada lost and doesn’t advance in a tournament that is being played in Canada.  The Molson’s are flowing or getting thrown around up north.  USA will play the winner of Slovakia and Russia on Friday.


U.S. Bank Stadium is going to replace the artificial turf at the stadium and make $6 million in improvements/renovations to the stadium.  I had one person say UMC should see if they can get it, but if they don’t have money to fix the track….I am guessing they won’t be able to buy turf at a discount, but I like the thoughts.


The NDSU Bison are playing in the National Championship FCS football game this weekend.  I am really having a hard time caring and I don’t know why.  I went to their season opener last year and was bored out of my mind because they won by 50 points and the lights went out for 20 minutes and there was nobody at the game after halftime.  Anyway, I am not sure why I don’t care about NDSU in the national championship….maybe it is because I am now a Wyoming and Kansas State fan????


We have been hearing for several years that Red Lake Falls boys hockey was going to have some pretty good years coming up and they are on the cusp of having those years.  One kid we have been hearing about for several years is luckily a chip of his parents block.  Zak Kennett, the sophomore son of former Bemidji State hockey player Brad Kennett and former Bemidji State women’s basketball player Kris Kennett, is second in the state with 22 goals and third in the state with 34 points.  Those stats are impressive and we know Red Lake Falls’ schedule might not be as tough as East Grand Forks or Warroad, but this stat will impress the doubters.  Kennett has scored at least two goals in EVERY game he has played this year.  The breakdown of points in each of the nine games so far is below –

He had 2 goals and 3 assists in a 6-5 loss to MayPort
3 goals and 2 assists in a 7-5 win at Bagley/Fosston
3 goals in a 4-3 win over Morris/Benson
2 goals and one assist in a 4-3 loss to KCC
2 goals in a 3-2 loss to Breckenridge
2 goals and one assist in a 4-3 loss to Wadenda-DC
2 goals in a 5-3 loss to LOW
4 goals and 2 assists in a 8-7 victory over Moose Lake
2 goals and 3 assists in a 8-6 loss to Ely!!!

For his efforts, the Minneapolis Star Tribune Hockey Hub is taking votes on the best performance of the week in boys hockey.  Give Zak a vote by clicking on the link below –



I will take a look at the Section 8AA basketball and Section 8A hockey standings this week.  Section 8A basketball will be next week.


Section 8AA Boys Basketball has been interesting in the first month of the season.  Hawley has been as expected in the North and Roseau has been a pleasant surprise and Coach Hayden has them playing some pretty darn good basketball so far.  East Grand Forks only has one loss, but their strength of schedule has been a little weaker so far, but that will change the rest of the way.  Thief River Falls might be the second biggest surprise (behind Roseau) with Coach Hams doing a great job with his team.  They play hard and you can always work with that.

In the south subsection, Perham has been the top team and Breckenridge will be there and has played a pretty impressive schedule so far this year and had a great trip to South Dakota over break.  Osakis, as expected is having a great year and don’t sleep on Barnesville.   January is a big month for all the teams and with the QRF every game is important and you have to beat good teams if you want to move up in the standings.

Section 8AA – North Standings (QRF Seeded – FINAL)  
QRF Rank Team (QRF) Section Overall For Agst
No. 28 Hawley (66.6) 2-0 8-1 68.7 53.6
No. 32 Roseau (64.3) 3-1 5-2 65.4 53.9
No. 40 East Grand Forks (60.2) 2-0 6-1 76.9 67.6
No. 68 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (45.8) 1-2 4-4 63.5 61.0
No. 82 Thief River Falls (40.6) 2-3 3-4 55.4 62.6
No. 89 Crookston (34.7) 2-3 3-4 59.4 64.9
No. 95 Bagley (30.3) 0-1 3-4 54.3 56.3
No. 100 Warroad (25.1) 0-3 4-5 59.1 50.8




Section 8AA – South Standings (QRF Seeded – FINAL)
QRF Rank Team (QRF) Section Overall
No. 12 Perham (82.6) 3-0 7-1
No. 19 Osakis (77.4) 1-0 7-0
No. 59 Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (48.5) 1-0 3-1
No. 70 Barnesville (44.4) 1-0 4-1
No. 79 Breckenridge (41.3) 1-1 4-3
No. 88 Park Rapids Area (34.9) 2-1 4-4
No. 113 Wadena-Deer Creek (20.6) 1-5 2-6
No. 118 Staples-Motley (13.2) 0-2 1-5



14 of the Section 8AA Girls Basketball teams have said a big thank you to the Perham Yellowjackets after they brough the Roseau Rams to overtime over the Christmas break.  Perham proved that Roseau is beatable this year, something somebody in the section hasn’t done for several years.   That doesn’t mean somebody in the section will beat Roseau, but Perham gave hope to all the teams in the section and going into the game against Roseau with confidence is huge.

North Sub-section
It is amazing how expectations change when programs have an impressive run like Roseau.  They are 7-2 and have played a very tough schedule and I find myself thinking “What is going on in Roseau” until I snap out of it and realize they are still VERY VERY good.  Hawley is still undefeated and have beat some pretty good teams.  Right now the two teams are still a little above everybody else.  East Grand Forks, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton and Crookston are at the next level.  EGF and DGF have shown that good defense causes Crookston some big time problems so I think those two teams are three and four with Crookston five.  The final three teams will likely end in the same exact order they are in now.

South Sub-section
Breckenridge has been the surprise of the section so far this year.  They have started 6-3 and have won some nice games so far.  Park Rapids is still the top team in the south and have played some good basketball and they have played a tougher schedule than Breckenridge so far and they lead by a significant margin in the south.  Perham is 4-6 on the year, but they have the “best” loss of the year.  Barnesville has shown they will be there at the end of the year too.  The next month is important for all the teams to solidify there standing in the standings.

Section 8AA – North Standings (QRF Seeded – FINAL)
QRF Rank Team (QRF) Section Overall
No. 20 Roseau (78.6) 4-0 7-2
No. 27 Hawley (76.3) 3-0 6-0
No. 37 East Grand Forks (65.3) 3-0 7-2
No. 43 Crookston (62.8) 4-2 8-2
No. 63 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (47.8) 3-2 6-5
No. 106 Thief River Falls (26.4) 2-4 2-8
No. 126 Bagley (11.2) 0-3 0-8
No. 127 Warroad (11.1) 0-3 0-9


Section 8AA – South Standings (QRF Seeded – FINAL)
QRF Rank Team (QRF) Section Overall
No. 46 Park Rapids Area (61.2) 4-0 4-2
No. 73 Breckenridge (43.8) 2-1 6-3
No. 75 Barnesville (43.0) 3-3 5-6
No. 90 Perham (37.1) 2-4 4-6
No. 93 Staples-Motley (35.1) 2-3 3-5
No. 113 Wadena-Deer Creek (21.5) 1-3 2-7
No. 119 Frazee (17.4) 0-3 1-7
No. 125 Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (13.1) 0-2 1-7




I think it is pretty much unanimous that East Grand Forks is the top team in the section.  Who is in the top 3 gets a little tougher.   Right now I would say Thief River Falls is #2 and Warroad is #3.  Detroit Lakes is #4 and the fifth team would have to be Kittson County Central or Crookston (we will find out later when they meet).  But those two aren’t that far ahead of the rest with Lake of the Woods showing they are up and down, Red Lake Falls is competing and playing better than some might have expected, Bagley/Fosston is 2-2 in the section and Park Rapids is struggling this year.

4 undefeated teams in section play –
EGF (3-0)
TRF (2-0)
Kittson CC (2-0)
Detroit Lakes (1-0)

Teams that are 2-2 in section play
LOW, Bagley-Fosston

Teams that have one win –
Detroit Lakes 1-0, Warroad 1-2, Red Lake Falls 1-2, Crookston 1-3, Park Rapids 1-5

Every team has at least one win in the section, which has to be the first time that has happened in many years at this point in the season.  January will tell us a lot with big games every week and the Crookston vs Detroit Lakes game on Friday is a big one for both teams.

Big games for seeding reasons coming up in the next week and a half –
January 4 – DL at Crookston
January 5 – DL at Warroad, Park Rapids at KCC
January 8 – LOW at Bagley-Fosston, RLF at KCC
January 10 – Park Rapids at Crookston, LOW at KCC
January 12 – DL at EGF, RLF at Park Rapids, Warroad at Crookston

East Grand Forks 3-0-0 10-1-0
Kittson County Central 2-0-0 6-2-0
Thief River Falls 2-0-0 7-4-2
Detroit Lakes 1-0-0 9-0-0
Bagley-Fosston 2-2-0 3-6-0
Lake of the Woods 2-2-0 4-6-0
Red Lake Falls 1-2-0 3-6-0
Warroad 1-2-0 6-5-0
Crookston 1-3-0 2-8-1
Park Rapids 1-5-0 2-9-0



It is still the same as the beginning of the season.  It is Warroad and who is playing for second place.    Warroad is 16-0 on the year with a tough schedule and they have been very good this year.  Thief River Falls gave Warroad a run for their money when the Warriors won 3-1 a couple of weeks ago.  East Grand Forks beat TRF earlier this year and the two teams will play again on January 22 and if EGF wins, they will be the second seed.  If TRF wins, it will come down to a vote and since TRF won the last game and had a better game against Warroad the Prowlers might have the edge for the second seed.  Detroit Lakes is pretty much solidified the fourth seed and as long as Crookston takes care of business when they play Park Rapids on January 15 they will be the fifth seed and Park Rapids will be the sixth seed.  So basically the only thing up for grabs at this point is the second seed!

Warroad 3-0-0 16-0-0
East Grand Forks 4-2-0 8-4-2
Thief River Falls 4-2-0 12-4-0
Detroit Lakes 3-3-0 4-8-0
Crookston 1-3-0 2-10-1
Park Rapids 0-5-0 0-13-0





The 25th annual “Hockeytown” Holiday Classic was held over Christmas break and this years winner was the Warroad Warriors with Osseo finishing second. Members of the All-Tournament team were as follows:

Grafton/Park River JR Todd Anderson
International Falls SR Simon Palm
Osseo SR Ty Hill
Osseo SR Mitchell Maier
Warroad Sophomore Anthony Foster
Warroad Senior Hunter Pelland
Warroad JR Grant Slukynsky was the Tournament MVP


The University of Minnesota Crookston men’s and women’s basketball programs will host their Alumni Game Saturday, February 9. Minnesota Crookston will welcome back alumni from all eras of the university as the Golden Eagles take on Concordia University-St. Paul at 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Alumni will be honored at half-time of the women’s and men’s basketball games. In addition, a post-game social will be held at the Crookston Inn and Convention Center. A formal invitation will be sent out to basketball alumni in January. We look forward to welcoming back all basketball alumni for a great day February 9.



The 2019 Annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship Contest will be held on January 13 at the Crookston High School gym. The contest is for boys and girls ages 9 to 14 years of age. Participants from Crookston and surrounding communities are encouraged to participate. Competition will start with registration from noon to 1:00 p.m. and shooting starts at 1:00 p.m. on January 13. There is no cost to participate. Boys and girls age 9-11 will shoot from a 12 foot foul line while the 12-14 year olds will shoot from the regular foul line. All contestants at the local level will receive a participation certificate. First place winners will also receive a 2019 medallion. The first place winners will then represent Crookston at the next round of competition at the district level in February. The contest will be run by the local Knights of Columbus Council 1216 of Crookston.


The University of Minnesota Crookston Baseball team will host a hitting/defensive camp ain Crookston on February 10 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. for grades 9-12. The hitting camp will cover all aspects of becoming a fundamentally sound offensive player. The instructional camp will break down each individual camper from the physical to mental side of hitting. Barrel control, bat path and bat speed will be emphasized. Cost is $75 for the individual camp. The Golden Eagles are also holding a pitching/catching camp on the Minnesota Crookston campus February 10 from 1-3:30 p.m. The pitching and catching camp will include instruction from MLB Draft Pick Zach Seipel, who pitches in the Atlanta Braves organization. Seipel is a former Minnesota Crookston student-athlete. An emphasis will be placed on lower-half development and generating pitching velocity. The cost of the camp is $75 or $125 to do both the pitching and hitting camps.

Lastly, UMC Baseball is offering a kid’s camp February 18, which is President’s Day, for grades K-5 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. on the University of Minnesota Crookston campus. The kid’s camp will center around fundamentals of baseball and fun. Skills include hitting, throwing and fielding. All activities will be broken down by age and skill level. The cost of the camp is $30. The camp

The camps will be coached by Head Coach Steve Gust, assistant coaches Taylor Steen and Colton Haight, along with Seipel, reining NSIC Player of the Year Reed Hjelle, along with other Minnesota Crookston players. To register for the camps visit If you have any questions contact Coach Gust at or Coach Steen at


The University of Minnesota Crookston volleyball program will have a jam-packed schedule with JO volleyball tournaments and camps coming up in early 2019.

The Golden Eagles will host a camp for all skill levels for boys and girls grades 12 and under on Sunday’s, January 20, February 3, February 10 and March 3. The camps will run 1-3:30 p.m. each day with check-in at 12:30 p.m. All camps will be held at Lysaker Gymnasium. Campers should wear athletic gear, knee pads, and bring their own water. Upon registering for the camp, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Assistant Coach Anna Morgan. The price for the camps is $35 for one camp, $65 for two camps, $95 for three camps, and $125 for all four camps. The participants will get the opportunity to learn key volleyball skills from Head Coach Sarah Rauen, Morgan, and the Golden Eagle volleyball student-athletes. You can sign up by completing the attached form by clicking here and sending it back with payment to 2900 University Ave., Attn: Anna Morgan, Crookston, MN 56716. Checks can be made payable to Minnesota Crookston VB.

In addition, UMC is hosting four JO volleyball tournaments in 2019 on Saturday, March 30; Sunday, March 31; Sunday, April 7; and Sunday, April 14.
March 30 will be for 12-and-under teams
March 31 will be for 16-and-under squads.
April 7 will be for 14-and-under teams.
April 14 will be for 18-and-under squads.

The registration cost for a team is $105 for everyone except for 12-and-under teams, who will pay $80. Teams are responsible for all officiating duties. Following pool play, all teams will go into the playoffs. Pool play will begin at 8 a.m. More information will be provided the week of the event. All games will be played at the UMC Sports Center. The checks can be made payable to UMC Volleyball and sent to 2900 University Ave., Attn: Anna Morgan, Crookston, MN 56716. If you have any questions on either event you can contact Anna Morgan at or by phone at 218-281-8410.  For the JO Tournament registration form click here.


JOKES (Do you have any good jokes – email them to and I will put them in the feever





How are former Crookston Pirates athletes doing in college or elsewhere?

Paul Bittner, will start the season with the Cleveland Monsters, the AHL affiliate of the Columbus Bluejacket.  Paul suffered a knee injury and hasn’t played for a couple of weeks.

Haley Roed, a Junior swimming at Minnesota State Moorhead.   The Dragons are off until they host the Dragon Invite on January 18-19, 2019.

Kate MacGregor
, a Freshman swimming at Minnesota State Moorhead.  The Dragons are off until they host the Dragon Invite on January 18-19, 2019.

Ryan Bittner, is a Senior playing hockey for the #1 ranked University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  The Pointers will travel to Concordia College on January 4 and St. Olaf on January 5.

Brady Heppner, is a Junior playing hockey at St. Johns University in Collegeville.  St. Johns will play Bethel on January 4 and 5 with a home and road match-up.

Aaron Hollcraft, is a Senior playing basketball and baseball for the UMC Golden Eagles.   Aaron didn’t play in a 72-51 victory over Bemidji State on December 30.  UMC will host St. Cloud State on Friday and Minnesota Duluth on Saturday.

Colton Weiland, is a freshman wrestling for #1 ranked St. Cloud State.  Colton is listed at 149 pounds. Colton was injured and had surgery and will miss the season.

Bailey Folkers, is a freshman on the University of Wisconsin-Superior women’s basketball team.  Bailey didn’t play in a 72-64 victory over Concordia College.  She didn’t play in an 86-80 overtime victory over UW-Stout. Bailey played four minutes and grabbed a rebound in an 84-46 victory over Crown.  Superior will travel to Bethany Lutheran on Saturday and host Northwestern on Wednesday.

Brita Fagerlund, is a Sophomore on the University of Jamestown Jimmy Women’s Track team.  The season will start January 12 at the Bison Classic in Fargo.

Ally Tiedemann, a Freshman playing tennis at University of Minnesota Duluth.  The season starts in January.

Bobby Tiedemann, is a Junior on the St. Mary’s University Men’s Tennis team in Winona.  St. Mary’s will host Martin Luther College on Friday, January 25, 2019.

Amanda Trandem, is a Sophomore on the University of Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagle Softball team.

Ben Trostad, a Freshman playing golf at the University of Minnesota Crookston.   UMC is off until the spring.

Ethan Magsam, a Freshman playing golf at the University of Minnesota Crookston.  UMC is off until the spring.

Elise Tangquist, is a Sophomore golfer for the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. Northwestern is done until the spring.

Isaac Westlake, a Junior playing golf for the Winona State Warriors.

Cade Salentine, is a redshirt Freshman playing football at the University of North Dakota.

Marietta Geist, a Junior on the Carleton College Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams.
Crookston School District Coaches –
Brody Davidson 
is an Assistant Pirate Football coach.
Tyler Brekken is a Pirate C team football coach and junior high Pirate Softball coach
Jeremy Lubinski
 is a Pirate 8th Grade Football coach.
Amy Boll 
is the head Pirate Girls Track head coach and assistant volleyball coach
Sarah Reese 
is the Pirate Head Girls Soccer coach
Shelly Erdmann
 is the Assistant Girls Soccer coach.
Cody Brekken
 is the Assistant Pirate Girls Tennis coach, Pirate Boys Tennis coach and Crookston Community Pool Supervisor
Marley Melbye is the Head Girls Swimming coach
Mitch Bakken is the head Pirate Baseball coach.
Justin Johnson is the Pirate Junior Varsity Baseball coach.
Brock Hanson
 is the Pirate Baseball volunteer assistant coach.
Jeff Perreault 
is the Pirate Girls Golf head coach
Wes Hanson is the Pirate Wrestling Head Coach and assistant boys golf coach
Wade Hanson
 is the 8th grade boys basketball coach
Travis Ross is the 7th grade boys basketball coach
Kevin Weber is a Pirate Boys Basketball volunteer assistant coach
Connor Morgan is the Pirate Boys Hockey assistant coach
Sam Melbye is the Pirate Boys J.V. Hockey coach
Chris Dufault is an Assistant Wrestling Coach
Nate Merten is an Assistant Wrestling Coach
Tori Demarais is the Pirate Girls Hockey assistant coach.

Non Crookston High School –

Josh Edlund,  is an assistant football coach and phy ed teacher at Flandreau, South Dakota.

Allison Lindsey Axness is Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach in Champlin Park

Jeff Olson is Head Wrestling coach and Head Baseball coach at Delano.

Jake Olson is an Assistant Football Coach and Head Boys Tennis coach at Delano.

Todd Kreibich, is the Coach and General Manager for the Minnesota Iron Rangers Junior Hockey team our of Hoyt Lakes.

Carmen (Kreibich) Johnson, is Head Volleyball coach at Little Falls High School.

Katy Westrom, is Head Girls Tennis Coach and Head Boys Tennis coach at Monticello High School.

Matt Harris, is a Director of Athletics at the British International School of Houston.

Marty Bratrud is the Superintendent and High School Principal at Westhope High School.

Gordie Haug is an assistant football coach at the University of Wyoming

Mike Hastings is the Minnesota State Mankato Men’s head Hockey coach

Mike Biermaier is the Athletic Director at Thief River Falls High School

Stephanie (Lindsay) Perreault works with the North Dakota State stats crew for Bison football and volleyball and basketball in the winter. Stephanie’s husband, Ryan, is the assistant director for the Bison media relations

Jason Bushie is the hockey athletic trainer at Colorado College

Chris Myrold is a Tennis Pro on Nevis Island in the West Indies

Kyle Buchmeier
 is a Tennis Pro at the Reed-Sweatt Family Tennis Center in Minneapolis

Erika Wheelhouse
 is serving in the Peace Corp in the Philippines.

Jarrett Butenhoff is serving our country with the U.S. Navy

Joshua Butenhoff is serving our country on a Submarine with the Pacific Fleet with the US Navy.

Alan Mart, 2009 Crookston High School graduate, is currently serving his country for the US Army as a Cavalry Scout in Afghanistan.

Peter Cournia is a 2002 Crookston High School Graduate and also a grad of West Point and is currently is serving in the U.S. Army.

Erik Ellingson is serving our country with the U.S. Air Force at Minot.

Philip Kujawa class of 2004 from Crookston Central is stationed at Hohnfels in Germany for the next 2 or 3 years.

Scott Riopelle is head of Crookston Parks and Recreation

Rob Sobolik is the General Manager of the Fargodome


That’s it for this week.  Thanks for the comments and if you have anything to add or share, please e-mail or call.  Thanks for reading and listening to KROX RADIO and