KROX OX CART DAYS button promotion-

Two numbers will be drawn every Friday at the end of the Noon News.  The winner will have until 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning of the following week to message, call, or text the Ox Cart Days committee at 218-289-3199, or stop by the KROX Studios with your button to claim your prize.

Friday, June 22
Button #842 - 5 Arby's Meals
Button #3022 - 2 Tumblers and a cooler from the Chamber of Commerce

Friday, June 15
Button #4618 - 2 Burger Baskets at the Crookston Eagles
Button #56 - 2 Tumblers and a cooler from the Chamber of Commerce

Friday, June 8

Button #3166 - 4 Synergy Nutrition Club meals
Button #775 - Gift certificate from Montague's Flower Shop

Friday, June 1
Button #998 - 5 free Arby's meals
Button #1998 - Pool party at the AmericInn

Friday, May 25

Button #565 - 4 free meals from Synergy Nutrition Hub
Button #2587 - Gift certificate from Montague's Flower Shop

Friday, May 18

Button #222 - A handmade wood pen and pencil set from Gary Garcia of Creative Fibers Custom Built Furniture
Button #3199 - 5 free sandwiches from Arby's in Crookston

Friday, May 11
Button # 21 - 5 free M&H car washes
Button # 4377 - Simply Boutique Clothing and Decor Gift Certificate

Friday, May 4
Button #3142 -
Two Burger Baskets at the Crookston Eagles Club 
Button #3096 - Open Swimming Punch Card from the Crookston Community Pool 

Friday, April 27
Button #3033 - $50 Walmart Gift Card
Button #4699 - Open swimming punch card for the Crookston Community Pool ($45 value)

Friday, April 20
Button #2435 - $50 gift certificate to Crookston Inn and 2 VIP Miss Crookston tickets

Friday, April 13
Button #5 - Perfectly Posh package
Button #4270 - 2 months of dance for free at Just For Kix

Friday, April 6

Button #4241- Miss Tootsie VIP seating and bucket of beer
Button #3243 - Hair Connexion cut and color

Friday, March 30
Button #298 - AmericInn Pool Party
Button #2279 - VIP Seating for Miss Crookston

Friday, March 23
Button #119 (Just for Kix for two months) 
Button #3160 (Free happy Joes for 1 year)

Friday, March 16
Button # 351 - AmericInn Pool Party
Button # 3458 - Inner Wave Martial Arts private lesson

Friday, March 9
Button #4200 - Simply Gift Certificate
Button #1116 - Free pizza at the Crookston VFW

Friday, March 2
Button #2587 - Build a Buddy friends
Button #3588 - Six month subscription to the Crookston Daily Times

Friday, February 23-
Button #904 (5 Arby's gift certificates)
Button #3066 (Shooting Star mini-vacation package)

Friday, February 16-
Button #4329 ($25 Montague's Flower Shop gift certificate)
Button #3 ($75 Joyful Heart Photography certificate)

Friday, February 9 -
Button #311 ($25 gift certificate from Crookston Floral)
Button #3598 (2 VIP tickets to Miss Crookston and $50 Crookston Inn gift certificate)

Friday, February 2 -
Button #17 (2 months of dance at Crookston Just For Kix - does not apply to summer classes)
Button #1818 ($40 gift certificate from Synergy Nutrition Club)

Friday, January 26 -

Button # - 769  (Perfectly Posh Gift Set - Jana Hodgson)
Button # - 2211 (Haircut/color from the Hair Connexion - Carrie Larson)

Friday, January 19-
Numbers -
Button # - 4376 (Prize - Shellac Manicure from Rejuv Salon and Spa)
Button # - 132 (Prize - Irishman's Shanty Gift Certificate)

Friday, January 12-
Numbers -
Button # - 914 (
Young Living Essential Oil Package)
Button # - 449 (Shooting Star Casino/hotel package)

Friday, January 5 -
Numbers -    1168 and 3031
































Jen Walz found the Medallion on Friday night in the parking lot behind Willow and Ivy



The first clue to help searchers locate the special Ox Cart Medallion, hidden somewhere in Crookston, will be Wednesday, August 16, at 4:45 at the UMC Ice Cream Social as well as on the radio via KROX Radio and www.kroxam.com and in print from the Crookston Daily Times. Each day KROX Radio/www.kroxam.com and the Crookston Daily Times will publish a new clue at 2:00 PM until it is found.
Searchers are asked to follow these guidelines in the Medallion Hunt:
1) The special Ox Cart Medallion is engraved, clearly indicating it is the official 2017 Medallion. Searchers will know when they’ve found the real thing!
2) The Medallion will be hidden above ground, so no digging is required. In other words, you won’t find it buried in your neighbor’s back yard.
3) Searchers should read and listen carefully for the clues as given through the local media. Please do not call KROX or the Crookston Times, as they do not know where the medallion is hidden.
4) When the Medallion is found, take it to the Crookston Daily Times office (or call the Times at 281-2730 or after hours call 280-0771)
 for the $200 cash prize, a one year subscription to the Crookston Times, and a UMC gift basket.
5) Be respectful of the places you are searching, whether around businesses, neighborhoods, or parks – please avoid trampling flowers and shrubs.
6) Think creatively and have fun as you look for the 2017 Ox Cart Medallion!


Clues will be posted and read at 10:35 AM each day (starting Thursday)

1. Wednesday - Are you fired up? Yes we're fired up.  Cheerleaders, fireman, people at home with fire pits are fired up for this years Oxcart medallion hunt.  I don't want to be blunt, so start searching now so you can be in the front.

2. Thursday -  When searching the town look up and down.  The medallion is in a place to be found.  So park your car and get out and walk.  Be like that high school jock.

3. Friday - Many tenants have been in this space.  When you think about it, this is a race.  Don't go to fast and get stuck in jail, cuz the money you win will have to be used for bail.

4. Saturday -  Park and Rec was once in the back of this place.  You may have parked your car here to go to church.  Converge on this parking lot and you'll be able to splurge.  The medallion will be found and the prize money will be yours.



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