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Breanna Rasmusson addressed the Crookston School Board on Monday, expressing her concern over a serious incident that took place between her child and another student at Highland School. She said Principal Chris Trostad was in Itasca at the time of the incident, but was contacted by phone and handled the problem appropriately. However, she was concerned that in times of his absence from the school, there is not an “official” backup for him in the school to handle incidents such as this. (Trostad gets called on to fill in as a bus driver, and as a substitute teacher, because both positions are so difficult to fill on short call.) “There was an incident involving one of my children at the school," she said, "which may or may not have been handled appropriately at the time. Chris Trostad, playing one of the many roles that he does, was in Itasca, and had to be reached via phone and email to address the concern with my child. I think that at this time, he needs help. He plays a lot of roles in that school, whether it’s a bus driver, a substitute teacher, or an administrator. I think it’s time that he needs help, and I think a School Resource Officer would be beneficial. They could split (their time) between all of the schools. I think Mr. Trostad did a wonderful job handling my situation, and he does a wonderful job handling the school. I just think he is playing too many roles, and he needs some extra help.”
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