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The Crookston Housing and Economic Development Association (CHEDA) Board met this week, and approved expanding the housing study update approved at the August Board Meeting to include the cities of Warren, East Grand Forks and Red Lake Falls, in addition to the Crookston area, essentially making the study more regional. “At the last board meeting, the board approved updating the housing study from 2014 appropriating about $9,000 to that,” said Craig Hoiseth, Executive Director of CHEDA.  “Since then, we have had discussions with Minnesota Housing and those partnerships and also with the cities of Red Lake Falls, Warren and East Grand Forks and maybe trying to take a more regional approach.  We feel we can provide leverage to the Minnesota Housing groups and if we are able to do so we will incorporate all four communities into the study, which will give us a better comprehensive view.” 
In other business, the CHEDA board approved a change to the current revolving loan held by E&C Realty, owners of the Erickson Embroidery and 2nd Street Boutique building. “They had a loan with us last year for $10,000 and came forward and said they would gladly pay the interest and principal back, but they wanted the money available to them for one more year,” said Hoiseth. “They are looking to use the money to leverage a small cities development grant as they look to do work on the outside of the building, so the board said pay your interest and we will let the principal go for one more calendar year.”

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